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Taming the Troublemaker

Taming the Troublemaker

Comedy Drama

With the new school year coming, Katana Young, the well-known delinquent was given last chance to attend school despite being held back twice due to the issues she had caused from the previous years of her violence-filled life. Little did she know, the new teacher, Gavin Bright would be there to handle her. Upon meeting in a dark alley one night, they talked for a while but it didn’t end well, her being violent and him being persistent, it was a fail. He sighed and swore that he’ll do what it takes to help her at becoming better with the upcoming school year, given that it’s her last chance at redemption. Seemingly uninterested at first, Katana went to school only to see him chilling in her empty classroom. Unbothered by him and all, she ignored his presence and decided to plop on her desk to take a nap. Gavin, being his usual self, optimistically talked to her ending with Katana walking out. Days passed and he remained the same, pursuing her with the aim of helping her get better. Being the stubborn delinquent that she is, she of course pushed him away in different means she knows. Until one day, when she heard how much he was praising her to other teachers, she decided to listen to what he has to say. Confronting him, she heard the words she has always yearned to hear. The words “I believe in you” rang her ears causing to soften her heart a little. They then had a deal. He will help her with studies and swore that by the end of the first semester, her life would get better. Katana, the hot-headed delinquent known for her violent nature, will find friendship, family and forgiveness with the help of Gavin Bright. A wholesome but comedic story about the polar opposite student and teacher is bound to thug your heartstrings making you tear up both with laughing and crying.

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