What A Hot Mom! - Ch. 1

  • What A Hot Mom!
  • What A Hot Mom!
  • What A Hot Mom!
  • What A Hot Mom!
  • What A Hot Mom!
  • What A Hot Mom!
  • What A Hot Mom!
  • What A Hot Mom!


  • zzzzzzzzzzz


    2020-07-14 16:36

    Well,Found an unknown girl in bed who is in a bad stage but without thinking of helping her you decide to f*ck her.Wow (clap for your sincerity)

    • C🌟🌟L Camille💕: seriously..idk why many comics are using this type of plot I really don't like it ...means how can a person if he is doi...

    • TIANXINGdon'tLIE🍦: sometimes i wonder is it common in China??!! How many comics have I read based on this kind of plots...70 maybe or more ...

    • 71 Replies
  • 🕶🔷Arina Zennol🔷🕶

    🕶🔷Arina Zennol🔷🕶

    2020-07-14 16:28

    What a way of starting a comic 😳😳 Ahem ahem

    • Cats 4 Lifu: hahaaa.. you'll get used to it

    • Girls love girls : So .... hahah So sad That for me this is NoT a new coming ;-; IN THE SAME app but years ago ( 2 ) I readed this Anddd th...

    • 44 Replies
  • Xu Ye❤️Dai Dai

    Xu Ye❤️Dai Dai

    2020-07-17 8:40

    straight up r**e again. 🙄😑

  • 🇨🇮๓iຖi pi¢hน

    🇨🇮๓iຖi pi¢hน 💤☠️

    2020-07-14 16:35

    The comic start with drunk se*



    2020-07-14 17:39

    I cant believe i found this comic again. This was my first commict i read in a different app and it had finish a long time ago. I am so excited to read it again 👍

    • Girls love girls : Ahhahaha SAMEEEEEEE but I readed in This app 2Years ago The author just stopped updating So they fled down 🤣💀 And N...

    • Lara<3: Name of story please ??

    • 10 Replies
  • Eri - chan

    Eri - chan

    2020-07-15 2:54

    that is just wow . Oof I feel so sorry for her she had to go though with it even if she didn't want to.😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Dany88


    2020-07-14 18:44

    I’m sorry to say this: don’t waste your time on this. This has the worst ending and it’s narrative is the worst ever. It was good until around chapter 40. Then. The author failed on remembering what she herself wrote making it full of plot holes. Seriously this is by any Chance my most disappointing ending manwha ever. No other can top it..........(sigh Denny.......)

  • м ι η τ

    м ι η τ

    2020-07-14 19:18

    Honestly this comic is okay you can check it out for free in other websites it's completed like long ago lmfao.

    • laenoir: what is the name?

  • Crystal 5504

    Crystal 5504

    2020-07-15 8:51

    I have already read this comic 🐾

  • win mentawin

    win mentawin

    2020-07-14 16:23

    you can read this another web . already complete . done read this

    • keniee: yesh u right

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