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  • D boi

    D boi

    2020-06-20 23:56


  • Otaku Watermelon

    Otaku Watermelon

    2020-06-21 0:26


  • Nicky, a person

    Nicky, a person

    2020-06-21 1:48

    thanks dude! I'm just gonna throw in a comment, this comic is really colorful and all over the place. Sometimes I like it, sometimes it gets annoying. It would be nice to tone down a few colors and stuff, but so far, I really like this comic ^^)

    • Yalda baoth: Thanks! The use of color is a thing I took a notice too and I'm working on it in the chapters being drawn right now. The...

  • my fantasy world💝

    my fantasy world💝

    2020-06-21 9:33

    thank you guys for your hard work gonna enjoy it every Saturday 👍🤗

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