Fetters of Fate - Ch. 5

  • Fetters of Fate
  • Fetters of Fate
  • Fetters of Fate
  • Fetters of Fate
  • Fetters of Fate
  • Fetters of Fate
  • Fetters of Fate
  • Fetters of Fate
  • Fetters of Fate
  • Fetters of Fate
  • Fetters of Fate
  • Fetters of Fate
  • Fetters of Fate


  • penguin & panda<3

    penguin & panda<3

    2019-12-21 17:15

    teacher.....???? so Young to be teacher 😱

    • Uravity: you can work as a teacher by the age of 21 lol, my cousin is that age and she is a teacher

    • Excuse me?: In my school every once a year the teachers let the seniors teach us... We call them student-teachers.....

    • 12 Replies
  • Twitchy


    2019-12-21 18:7

    So, what happened to the golden boy with the blonde hair and gold eyes???

    • Ana: That's exactly what I'm curious about too... I hope it's the same guy 😭

  • αɾɱყ-cɦαɳ


    2019-12-21 18:54

    Wait this is illegal-

    • Uravity: nope he is probably 21

  • xxAnimeInsanexx


    2019-12-21 19:56

    that Moment when Teacher's Pet - Melanie Martinez automatically starts playing in my head 😛

    • ☄animekitty☄: yesss

    • This is Jisoo: same omg

  • Gracie Quiotoflores

    Gracie Quiotoflores

    2019-12-21 20:44

    Wait if that’s her aunt and that’s her aunts son...doesn’t that make him her cousin and worse😅it’s her first cousin

    • Maharin Shoshi: She's her mom's friend not real sister.

    • moon.: Yeah exactly, I swear, don't make me ship a illegal ship

    • 6 Replies
  • Lileeee


    2019-12-21 17:38

    Oh my... Teacher huh..

  • Ginger Katherina

    Ginger Katherina

    2019-12-22 10:55

    The mother is a bad person tho. She has a own daughter and says things like "I always wanted a daughter as cute as you" to her. That's an awful thing to say

  • Joe Who

    Joe Who

    2019-12-22 0:59

    wait if that’s her aunt’s son,,doesn’t that make them cousins-

    • Visitor 08040: Maybe Aunt Lu is the best friend of female leads mother. I call my mom's friend "aunt" as well. The FL nver mention that...

  • Swarbani Bose

    Swarbani Bose

    2019-12-21 17:56

    what a twist 😑😅

  • 💜Kookieshook_Yuki🖤


    2019-12-21 18:2

    why is that none of my teachers are like this

    • Savage_ Heart: you're Right...

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