Death Sin - Ch. 16

Death Sin
Death Sin

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Connor, a teen who must live with a terrible secret. He was born with a cursed Right Eye that draws him to scenes of immense cruelty and violence what we call Sins. Once there a darker personality takes over his mind and he murders the sinners and rips their souls from their bodies sending it straight to Hell. Forced to watch the punishment and torment the sinners endure his mind begins to break. Why does he have this horrible power to send others to Hell and what is he? Human?

49 Chapters

  • Death Sin
  • Death Sin
  • Death Sin
  • Death Sin
  • Death Sin
  • Death Sin


  • That Awkward UwU

    That Awkward UwU

    2019-06-03 0:36

    Karma bitch😒😒

    • unknowgamer: i guss he shuld be BURNING IN HELL =D

    • Hentai Haven✔: you said it bruh.

    • 5 Replies
  • SweatySox


    2019-06-03 0:2

    good. ep

    • Ꭰꂅ꒝ꂅᎥᏉꂅ__ԾᏒ__ᎠꂅᏕϮᏒԾᎩ: I can’t really tell what half is going on because there’s not much color but other than that I still enjoy it

  • Lord Darklight

    Lord Darklight

    2019-06-03 1:25

    He walked in, Saw all he what he needed to see and left.

  • r1hulk


    2019-06-03 13:33

    this comic is very familiar with indian movie name"aparichit" in this movie hero gets the power of yama(god of death) and send villains to the hell.....

  • Linchan


    2019-06-03 2:15


  • Leonardo Dennis

    Leonardo Dennis

    2019-06-03 0:32

    that was short

  • Ultumate Otaku

    Ultumate Otaku

    2019-06-03 2:35

    who still remmember battle true the heavins (cant spell) can someone explane whyvthey stop

  • Alex Clark

    Alex Clark

    2019-06-03 5:4

    Guy just wanted to get out of the car just to jump back in. He must have seen a spider and the other people killed it.

  • Izuna green78

    Izuna green78

    2019-06-03 2:33

    That was scary in my opinion

  • Shuma Farzana

    Shuma Farzana

    2019-06-05 7:26

    good interesting plot

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