Eidolon - Ch. 5


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A string of murders occur in Jincheng, in which the victims' brains are mysteriously removed, leaving the police completely baffled. A college student named Reeve Klein, with the ability to summon an eidolon, tracks down the killer with the help of his fellow summoners. We've been working earnestly on this manga project for the past year, and would like to dedicate it to jojo, who had a great influence on us.

50 Chapters

  • Eidolon
  • Eidolon
  • Eidolon
  • Eidolon
  • Eidolon


  • Awesomesauce 231

    Awesomesauce 231

    2018-07-29 15:53

    Number 1 rule: NEVER piss off the main character

    • CMD24828: FU*K yea

    • Visitor 87633: 2nd rule:never kill a main characters parents or. else he will get revenge

    • 19 Replies
  • Juuuuciey


    2018-07-29 17:27

    Never talk about people mama or you gon' get some ass woopen

  • ^_^Crystal Angela^_^

    ^_^Crystal Angela^_^

    2018-08-02 15:31

    What's the matter about his mother..🤔🤔

    • Alexa Dragoneel: His mom's name is Martha. 😂

    • Galaxy_wolfyt: he needs her to do his stuff and who is the one who took care of u ur mom (^^)

    • 3 Replies
  • Brendan Bernales

    Brendan Bernales

    2018-08-04 12:23

    Well That Car Is F***ed Up

    • Shadow The Dark Shadow: Yup and the guy is f***ed up too

  • rebcca Brown

    rebcca Brown

    2018-07-29 20:55

    don't mess around with the people that you really don't know you my get some ..kick ass .ashhole 😤💪

  • rebcca Brown

    rebcca Brown

    2018-07-29 20:53

    go to hell you and your baddas car 👿😠

    • ezerial blue: its not a badass car its a broken n crushed to pieces car now

  • Pedro InfernoDrago

    Pedro InfernoDrago

    2018-08-01 0:12

    Oh shit this reminds of Jotaro when he gets triggered whenever people talk about his hair!

    • Awesomesauce 231: Dude I think you mean Josuke

    • I'M UNIQUE: Josuke*

  • Eddy Law1

    Eddy Law1

    2018-09-07 22:52

    this dude turned into a member of daft punk just now

  • Lafrancine Stevenson

    Lafrancine Stevenson

    2018-08-06 7:30

    i kinda getting a jojo reference vibe here anybody else

    • James Gray: Yeah. That's because the author said in the description that his comic was greatly influenced by Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventu...

  • Mónica Teixeira

    Mónica Teixeira

    2018-09-22 14:27

    I get the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure reference

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