Phoenix Nirvana - Ch. 2 First Meeting

Phoenix Nirvana
Phoenix Nirvana

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She reborn twice. In her first lifetime, she could only be the other woman and was not even noticed by him. In the second time, she did anything to get him but finally was killed by him. She still loves him when she rebirth third times. But this time, she chooses to leave him as far as she can... (P.S. The reasons why she could rebirth twice will be revealed in later chapters)

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  • Phoenix Nirvana
  • Phoenix Nirvana
  • Phoenix Nirvana
  • Phoenix Nirvana
  • Phoenix Nirvana
  • Phoenix Nirvana
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  • Phoenix Nirvana




    2018-05-03 8:3

    WTH just happened😂😂😂 I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT'S HAPPENING 😂😂😂

    • MacBethany: This is her third time being reborn, I think. The first time she was pure and desperate to be loved by the King, but die...

    • ChicaBunny❤️: In her first life she felt lonely bc the man she loved already loved someone else, which is why it says she died a lonel...

    • 112 Replies
  • PîG (sO cUtE)

    PîG (sO cUtE)

    2018-05-03 10:36

    so this is her 3rd chance? not sure im confused. did she die? or get reincarnated?

    • Visitor 85216: yes it is her 3rd time. In tge first life she loved him, married him but he never reciprocated those feeling and ended u...

    • Kawaii Kary: actually it is her 3rd life bc in her first life he married her , she thought he loved her but loved another and she die...

    • 9 Replies
  • Aryz07


    2018-05-03 11:18

    wow thats a lot of failure in a lot of reincarnation chances

  • ikemen 68122 (Kolkata+(Shyam+Bazar))

    ikemen 68122 (Kolkata+(Shyam+Bazar))

    2018-05-03 10:36

    so she relives??? or is just taken to another place?

    • ryuutobi: It's like in an adventure game with save point(s). She returned to a "save point" that is somewhere in the past before s...

    • nia20: wow you're from kolkata as well!

  • Francine Fajardo

    Francine Fajardo

    2018-05-03 12:56

    I was bored on reading again and again the other comics when I saw this I quickly tap it and it was so tragic so I already like it I even forced my friends to read this

  • Yuuki Kross

    Yuuki Kross

    2018-05-03 16:20

    I'M CONFUSED AS WELL LOL 😂 Is this her 3rd life? Revival? 😂

    • ryuutobi: 3rd life but she's not reincarnated nor transmigrated but simply redoing her life from a certain point in the past.

    • Ahshbs Nsxkhjnana: သံစဥ်​သ​့သိသဥ​အကျ​ကို​ါ​မှာ​သင့်သော​စ​ကုသ​အသင်းအပင်း​အသင့်​စု​ဪ​၎ဵ္မ

    • 3 Replies
  • Arya888


    2018-05-03 15:21

    is she dumb? at her first birth she knew he didn't love her, then y did she again fell in love with him d second time? well k I understand it's human nature, but if she again falls n love with him in this 3rd birth, I'm gonna drop this

    • Mouney Nidhi: she thought she didn't pursue him much or didn't show his affection to him, that's the reason she hoped to be noticed th...

    • Visitor 85216: i hope she doesn't falls in love with that cold blooded emperor again. The moment she does all the good things about th...

    • 4 Replies
  • Prikang Sen

    Prikang Sen

    2018-05-03 7:15


  • Shea Haic Anne Balbalin

    Shea Haic Anne Balbalin

    2018-05-03 15:36

    Is she resurrected?

  • Visitor 99173

    Visitor 99173

    2018-10-14 17:42

    this story has bad words in it kids can be playing this!

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