Phoenix Nirvana - Ch. 11 Enemies Or Friends

Phoenix Nirvana
Phoenix Nirvana

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She reborn twice. In her first lifetime, she could only be the other woman and was not even noticed by him. In the second time, she did anything to get him but finally was killed by him. She still loves him when she rebirth third times. But this time, she chooses to leave him as far as she can... (P.S. The reasons why she could rebirth twice will be revealed in later chapters)

160 Chapters

  • Phoenix Nirvana
  • Phoenix Nirvana
  • Phoenix Nirvana
  • Phoenix Nirvana
  • Phoenix Nirvana
  • Phoenix Nirvana
  • Phoenix Nirvana
  • Phoenix Nirvana
  • Phoenix Nirvana
  • Phoenix Nirvana


  • sensei 32709 (Boston)

    sensei 32709 (Boston)

    2018-07-05 18:8

    She spent two lives on her husband... I've never even had a relationship yet..

    • 🎵Musique Queen👑: (all the single ladies)X7 now put your hands up

    • Xiaoxiaosan 44103 (Munich): I think being single is better than having a toxic relationship over and over again

    • 61 Replies
  • Daphne Landry

    Daphne Landry

    2018-07-05 18:10

    i am OBSESSED with this story 😍

    • loli 87864 (Ashburn): YASSSSSSS I love ur pic I am also obsessed with the comic on ur pic 😍

    • Lisaぉさ: i would rather let her be with the girl who just blushed instead of that bastard

    • 7 Replies
  • Sujana-naomi.


    2018-07-05 18:3

    first !?!.. can't wait for next chapter ..

    • TAEHYUNG'S #1 FAN: hi

    • TAEHYUNG'S #1 FAN: how are u

    • 8 Replies
  • wonderwoman


    2018-07-05 18:25

    stop obsession will be easy to figure out then

  • sassyorstressy!!


    2018-07-05 18:13

    now in this life your love will go on 😍😍😍

  • Pandora Guu

    Pandora Guu

    2018-07-05 18:16

    I really have a bad feeling about consort zhen.. :(

    • uvcool: I think she is also a good one. My guess is that our Herione resolves everything around but is afraid to fall in love ag...

    • Varsha Chan: I think Consort Zhen might be a good person. Because in the chapter it said: Consort Zhen wasn't trying the use the nega...

    • 4 Replies
  • WonderWoman 20408 (Watertown)

    WonderWoman 20408 (Watertown)

    2018-07-06 14:58

    Does the Concubine have feelings for the Queen?

    • dimpledragon: Why nottt 😂😜

  • Sujana-naomi.


    2018-07-05 18:48

    Hi :)

    • TAEHYUNG'S #1 FAN: 💗

  • Sunalika Singh

    Sunalika Singh

    2018-07-05 19:28

    I like... actually, love the story line very much

  • Comic_Addiction.


    2018-07-23 4:38

    The cat is ALIVE

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