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Digital Ghost
Digital Ghost

Thriller Action

A woman was brutally murdered, but the police possesses no clue of the criminal. There are no records registered in the victim’s memories’ cloud at the moment of the homicide, nor GPS positioning records let alone digital evidences that justified the need for her displacement to the crime scene. There are no security camera recordings, fingerprints, witnesses... absolutely nothing! In the face of the lack of proof the police see no other way but to “resurrect” the victim by creating a sentient artificial intelligence truthful to her based on her memories and digital records of her life to help them solve this mystery. There appears to be other justifications though, both for her murder and her virtual resurrection. There’s the interest of many powerful men at stake and before he knows it detective Sam Marlowe finds himself involved in a game of life or death. There are evidences that can compromise the country’s political elite and a major crisis may arise overnight and it’s up to Sam and the victim’s digital ghost to solve this mystery. What does it mean the concept of soul? Is the artificial intelligence really the murdered woman’s reincarnation or is it a whole other entity that, for possessing the same memories as the first, truly believes to be her? Why has she been killed and for what reason has she been revived? What is the limit of the ethics, privacy and control of life by third parties through technology? Who watches the watchmen?

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