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Romance A One On One, Your Highness
A One On One, Your Highness A One On One, Your Highness
A One On One, Your Highness

Author: Yoolook

  • Battle with other concubines using wits; possess millions of treasure; step on the way to become the most favored wife; by the way, teach the sharp-tongued prince a lesson!
  • See how the girl from the 21st century overturn the harem!

"Just 200 silver, and the Prince will be delivered to your bed! You won't suffer loses and won't be taken advantages from buying it! It's a rare chance!" "Yun XiangChang, how bold of you! How dare you auction my nights?!" Becoming an abandon consort is such a grievance! Ye LingHui has a harem in his backyard and wild flowers outside. I gotta think of a way to break even. What? You refuse to accept it? Come, a one-on-one!


  • Sunidhi Singh thakur

    Sunidhi Singh thakur

    2020-11-28 22:35:13 From Ch. 40

    they are best pros


  • Sunidhi Singh thakur

    Sunidhi Singh thakur

    2020-11-28 22:01:18 From Ch. 33

    she is the only woman in histiry to do that😉😂😂😂😂


  • Lady Laceration

    Lady Laceration

    2020-11-28 16:21:58 From Ch. 191

    Dragon Emperor is the best partner for her. He’s supportive and is helping her with her revenge. Gave her a safe place to raise her son in the mean time. I am not sure what he gets out of it, but he seems to have her interests in mind.


  • Akemi Oda

    Akemi Oda

    2020-11-28 12:55:26 From Ch. 189

    purple dude is classic abusive/ignorant spouse. just cuz he is guilty doesn't means he can win her back.


  • Đēvīł ~ kùñ 》:3

    Đēvīł ~ kùñ 》:3

    2020-11-28 07:54:40 From Ch. 74

    i just got an spotify song whos laughing now its really good timing xdd


  • time less

    time less

    2020-11-27 00:45:59 From Ch. 180

    it is BUT he was an accomplice. do you think it is right to kill, abuse, and blackmail, and take the life of another person thr right thing to do? what did he do to be pitiful? he followed his brothers decisions. when he supposedly fell in love, he did nothing but go to the emperor and mother empress who told him that women are just objects to their glory. the irony cuz the mother empress is a old hags that is a woman, but apparently it doesn't apply to her what she says about women. he can just die.


  • time less

    time less

    2020-11-27 00:43:23 From Ch. 180

    please do elaborate why he deserves here? cuz without a good foundation to why she should be with him, it would mean she will have a horrible life


  • time less

    time less

    2020-11-27 00:42:02 From Ch. 180

    princess, dont forget how he killed his actual wife. he hated her while his wife was very loyal and really in love with him. then the mc came and the moth**fcker dared to fall in love with the mc...the mc even game her a portion of her lifespan. what else does he wants. he is taking too much while constantly harming her. THIS IS KARMA. HE IS GETTING KARMA. he doesn't deserve the love of her nor his child. the emperor should have the child love cuz he was his father that raised him. how come the biological father is going to win over the emperor when he was the one that took care of the child


  • time less

    time less

    2020-11-27 00:39:10 From Ch. 180

    I want him, the princes, dead and for the mc to actually fall in love with her husband -_-


  • rainbow gals

    rainbow gals

    2020-11-26 18:16:57 From Ch. 191

    me too


  • Saranghe Manga

    Saranghe Manga

    2020-11-26 15:15:00 From Ch. 191

    Yes, i want the FL fall in love with the dragon emperor and have a lot of children...I empathy her Ex husband but that's life, I want to see his Ex Husband become the emperor of Bei Qi with no wife but accompanied by their son...☺️☺️


  • Mary ann De villa

    Mary ann De villa

    2020-11-26 13:31:28 From Ch. 191

    hun no just no


  • Butterfly girl 🌟

    Butterfly girl 🌟

    2020-11-26 11:15:34 From Ch. 23

    math is my enemy too ✋


  • Butterfly girl 🌟

    Butterfly girl 🌟

    2020-11-26 11:02:24 From Ch. 17

    me too ✋


  • Butterfly girl 🌟

    Butterfly girl 🌟

    2020-11-26 10:57:48 From Ch. 15



  • Tejaswi Sisodiya

    Tejaswi Sisodiya

    2020-11-26 09:25:08 From Ch. 45

    in ancient times woman's were very dramatic and cuz she is reborn , so she had modern soul inside her body so she will act modern


  • killer_ mood

    killer_ mood

    2020-11-26 04:30:45 From Ch. 191

    even though I support your thoughts on ML I still wish for her to return to him it's just they are perfect for eachother she went through a lot to win him over and now he's doing the same. but I still think if he loved her enough he should have step down from his position and left the country with her 5 years ago. don't you think?


  • Kloveschocolate


    2020-11-25 18:22:05 From Ch. 191

    I’m torn. He hasn’t paid for his debt for what he’s done to FL🤷🏻‍♀️


  • 🇸 🇺 🇲 🇲 🇪 🇷 

    🇸 🇺 🇲 🇲 🇪 🇷 

    2020-11-25 18:09:19 From Ch. 191

    me too, i think the dragon emperor is more caring, more handsome, more lovely, more gentle, she should always be with him but ml and fl have a child so, i am not sure


  • Visitor 19143

    Visitor 19143

    2020-11-25 18:06:00 From Ch. 191

    yes!!He deserves her more than that bei qi Prince!! loving someone without any selfishness and to top of all supporting her whenever needed!!I have great respect for him 😍😍



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