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Yoo, Kyung WonMoon, Sung Ho

Yoo, Kyung WonMoon, Sung Ho

Bono is one of thirteen children who participated in 2010 in the space expedition. Eight years later, Bono has become very famous thanks to his IQ of 240, which allowed him to integrate two faculties: that of medicine and the law. Despite its facilities, Bono does not lead a quiet life: his mother is sedated, his father "disappeared", and her sister Anna is in a psychiatric hospital.After the suicide of his mother, the inspector suspects the Lions to make crazy all his knowledge, began to harass him. Chapter 4-6 After a tough interview with Lion, Bono joined forces with one of the victims of Lion, Max Lumor. But it turns out to be a psychopath who wants to kill Lion and accuse Bono! But when Max pulls Lioner, Bono "deletes" Max. Bono is forced to admit the truth: he really have the power to erase people ... Bono tries to regain contact with Captain Jack Cunningham, who seems to know much about the situation. Warning Big Spoiler But when it happens is too late: Jack Cunningham was murdered by Satoshi Kaneda. After his meeting with Moderators, Bono meets a strange man who calls himself Fallen, which claims to be a "fallen god". He reveals to him that the way he was born was throughthe genes of St-Jean, where his extraordinary powers came from. Thank to Fallen, Bono learn that when he return from his space expedition, there was not 13, but 15 childrens. Indeed, Kahn Kumar has split (without anyone noticing) and fifteenth child appeared. But who is he? His only source of information being dead, Bono is determined to meet the other ex-members of the space expedition to discover the truth about the fifteenth child. Source: Traduction : Google Traduct + katedadevil (for the traduction errors)

2019-12-09 02:41:36 From: myanimelist

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