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Katakura, Masanori

Katakura, Masanori

Height: 190cm Weight: 75kg Garrick was part of the Vice wolf numbers at the time that Goda aka. Gun had changed schools. He was first introduced in a Fight using a reverse cross competition (Hangudo Cross Arts). Originally, he had transferred into Wolf Beast High School as a soldier of Reverse Crusade aka. Hanged Cross Army, to betray the army to protect the snow. They are holding a strong fraternity to Wolf Beast High School for his acceptance yourself as "comrades to fight in order to protect the snow." Garrick's fighting style is Cross arts with his legs. He kicks into the air to send shock waves in the shape of a cut or a cross. One of his special moves is called Tornado. With all the twists and turns, he builds a connection by a strong friendship with the Gun, and is killed in the fight against Reverse Crusade.

2019-12-09 02:41:08 From: myanimelist

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