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Lee, Jong-KyuPark, Chul-Ho

Lee, Jong-KyuPark, Chul-Ho

Gin-Hoon is an old best friend of Yong-Gi back from the middle school.He is a Taekwondo champion.He won 8 tournaments in elementary school and 3 more after in the middle school.He though won many more, even the national team wanted him in their team. He stopped it though (because Gin-Hoon is battling in fights without rules) and he is training in an old gym with a very talented old coach .He seems to be the ladies man as many girls complimenting him, Ah-ra (a friend of Yong's-Gi) likes him as well.Now in his fight against Harata, a champion of Geukchun Karate style, he lost his eye after a fierce battle.After some time, he went off in a journey of becoming much stronger than before.He asked Ah-ra to become his girl in his letter but she must better answer him when he will come back.

2019-12-09 02:41:01 From: myanimelist

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