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Takahashi, Yoshihiro

Takahashi, Yoshihiro

Germaine is a German shepherd who was born and raised in a kennel. However, the kennel was abandoned and the dogs left to take care of themselves. One by one they died, and only Germaine escaped by climbing on top of his dead friends to jump over the fence around the kennel. After that, Germaine lost al trust he had in humans. He lives alone in the wilderness until he one day sees a collie getting attacked by the American bulldog, Bull. He saves the collie (Lassie) and the meeting with her was about to change his life forever. One day, Bull finds Germaine and wants him out of the territory. They fight and Germaine gets seriously wounded. Lassie saves him and brings him to a safe place to rest. Here, she brings back the beings Germaine hates the most - humans. However, Germaine realizes that he needs help to get well again. During the stay at an animal hospital he becomes friends with the boy Yakuji. Germaine learns to trust humans again and finds a new home at Yakuji’s house. (source:

2019-12-09 02:40:30 From: myanimelist

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