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Nakahira, Masahiko

Nakahira, Masahiko

Dudley is an upper class heavyweight boxer from Britain with powerful technique and speed. He seeks perfection both in and out of the ring, always behaving as an impeccable gentleman. Dudley is the son of an athlete who later became a successful businessman. When his father's business began to fail when he was in college, Dudley was able to recover his losses thanks to his professional boxing career. When his father's prized Jaguar is purchased from a debtor's auction, Dudley goes after the buyer, a man named Gill. In 3rd Strike, Dudley has received the honorary title of "Sir" after making a comeback and winning the championship title, and is invited into a contest that will be held in the presence of the royal family. He decides to travel the world and improve himself before the day of the match. Dudley is also shown to have a great interest in the gardens of his estate, occasionally losing track of time, or getting lost, as shown in his Third Strike ending. -Street Fighter Wiki-

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