Immortal Home School - Ch. 4

Immortal Home School
Immortal Home School

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Shu Yu was originally an ordinary girl, until one day she was told by her parents that she was a descendant of weasel family, and required to study at Immortal Home school! Forced to accept the reality, on the first day of her enrollment, she bumped into the school's hegemony snake who once intended to eat her. Having no choice, she could only live a scary life under the shadow of the hegemony snake...

60 Chapters

  • Immortal Home School
  • Immortal Home School
  • Immortal Home School
  • Immortal Home School
  • Immortal Home School
  • Immortal Home School
  • Immortal Home School


  • Liwaldy Diaz

    Liwaldy Diaz

    2019-10-29 17:23

    the panels are mix up

    • SirRainor: Still mixed up... Do I report or something?...

    • Visitor 07659: they are NOT mix up

    • 8 Replies
  • ✨Little Fox✨

    ✨Little Fox✨

    2019-10-29 16:11

    Bumping into street lamp... I know it too well XD

    • Lunar Cross: am I the only one who is concerned about her breaking her necklace?

    • Vsco rulé Elcheá Anime: Sadly I experience that before 😔🤚

    • 3 Replies
  • Al Stone

    Al Stone

    2019-10-29 19:4

    Why are the panels mixed up??

  • Shin Zaki

    Shin Zaki

    2019-10-30 2:56

    what.. is happenin..... Its not arraged properly.. pleasr Fix This!

  • Senpai_Tenshi


    2019-10-30 3:5

    I wish they could fix the panel

  • Visitor 89370

    Visitor 89370

    2019-10-30 10:31

    not arranged 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑pls fix it

  • GalaxyMaiden


    2019-10-29 19:20

    This one and the previous chapter panels are all mixed up.

  • Exo-L :: Chansoo❤

    Exo-L :: Chansoo❤

    2019-10-29 16:27

    Lollipop girl...😁

    • sehun's wife9⃣4⃣: hi

  • NarutoNineTaleFox


    2019-10-29 16:43

    She's so innocent!!! How cute

    • Ruvia Via: hello i m you fan

    • Ruvia Via: hello

  • Mussu Angel

    Mussu Angel

    2019-10-30 11:59

    it's all mixed up

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