Loveless Contract - Ch. 1

Loveless Contract
Loveless Contract

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Xiaoyi Zhong, an ordinary girl who lives in poverty, entered Yuyin Academy High School with her own efforts and pretends to be a girl of the nobility, thus becoming the perfect goddess of everyone. But failure in the election of the president of the student union turned out to be the turning point of her entire life. Chengtian Hai, who is self-centred and arrogant, was her largest enemy. She racked her brains to fight back, only to put herself in the danger of dropping out because of the so-called slander! The headmaster put forward a condition that as long as she can fall in love with one of the LT Boy Band, she'll be free from punishment? Will you accept a contract love with your Prince Charming? And what price will you pay for it?

222 Chapters

  • Loveless Contract
  • Loveless Contract
  • Loveless Contract
  • Loveless Contract
  • Loveless Contract
  • Loveless Contract
  • Loveless Contract
  • Loveless Contract
  • Loveless Contract
  • Loveless Contract
  • Loveless Contract


  • Pure girl 😜😜

    Pure girl 😜😜

    2019-10-23 15:10

    😂😂😂 The red hair is quite arrogant😂😂 and she behave like a delicate lady in front of people except her lil bro 😂😂😂 and in front of her bro. she behaves like a dude😂😂😂 or tomboy 😂😂

    • I Go To School Boi😀: I love tomboy 😂🤣🤣

    • Kawaii_OtomeOtoku: this is exactly like me 😂

    • 20 Replies
  • Visitor 55690

    Visitor 55690

    2019-10-23 15:23

    I am getting Playboy vibes from the Blondie Gay vibes from the gray bluish hair(idkw) and Arrogant vibes from the red

    • "NANI?!?": vibes~ vibes everywhere~! vibes!

    • Killer Python: I'm after the gay dude.

    • 35 Replies
  • I 👰mE yOuR gIrL🤵😘

    I 👰mE yOuR gIrL🤵😘

    2019-10-23 15:12

    wow she is beautiful 😍

    • Youve spent 5 second: The graphic is too perfect I totally praising and complimenting the authour

  • 🧡🔆Nani🔆🧡


    2019-10-24 0:46

    Omg any one else getting Oran academy vibes here😂

    • Chan- BaekHun_EXO L: samez me too the grey and blonde remind me of the twins

    • Princess Hope01: yessss

    • 3 Replies
  • kitty^^


    2019-10-23 20:55

    the font is to small

  • May lia

    May lia

    2019-10-23 23:17

    font to small TT

  • Xy


    2019-10-24 1:42

    I’m sorry but I’m kinda blind it there a way to zoom the screen??

    • Amber Barnes: you take your two fingers and spread them apart from each other on one of the panels. It's zooms in

  • Hyzza


    2019-10-24 7:10

    why!!! it so small, i can't read this and i can't zoom in 😭😭

  • kite-kat


    2019-10-24 13:38

    She prolly gonna end up falling in love with the red head

    • Visitor 10682: I hope she does

  • EverythingIsPossible


    2019-10-24 7:36

    Three handsome and cute boy in your school!!!! Why doesn't it happen in real life😲😂😭

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