Mystical Feather Love Song - Ch. 1

Mystical Feather Love Song
Mystical Feather Love Song

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"What kind of vet can't even save the dying and injured?!" Faced with the threat of having her graduation certificate revoked, veterinary student, Jocelyn Ju decided to rescue a little cat. But, to her surprise, a simple CPR procedure ended up flipping her world upside down! Thanks to a 'magical kiss', Jocelyn gained the ability to switch between human and parrot form, launching herself into a warm and touching love adventure with Javen Xuan, a visitor from the Fairy Realm, who could switch between the form of a human and a black cat!

92 Chapters

  • Mystical Feather Love Song
  • Mystical Feather Love Song
  • Mystical Feather Love Song
  • Mystical Feather Love Song
  • Mystical Feather Love Song
  • Mystical Feather Love Song
  • Mystical Feather Love Song
  • Mystical Feather Love Song


  • nícσ ju,вєgσиєI⃠D⃠K⃠

    nícσ ju,вєgσиєI⃠D⃠K⃠

    2019-09-21 15:5

    Black cat means bad luck, right? Not here maybe..

    • Tiny alien : In japan, its considered lucky if I’m not mistaken

    • Visitor 66980: All cats are the same - how dare you think black cats are different and they bring bad luck ?n

    • 40 Replies
  • Luna lone wolf 🌕

    Luna lone wolf 🌕

    2019-09-21 15:4

    Oohhh new comic

    • Ship maker ❤️🤞: Yes, but it starts off so sad ... I mean 😭

    • 😎 11898th dark rose: why poor cat

    • 3 Replies
  • Lan Zhan❤Wei Ying

    Lan Zhan❤Wei Ying

    2019-09-21 17:0

    This art kinda look like A journey to the past 😍May be the same author 😚btw i like it😍

  • jade floret

    jade floret

    2019-09-21 15:47

    d.a.f.a.q.u.e veterinary student~agriculture University?

  • Mrs. V

    Mrs. V

    2019-09-21 15:36

    Another new comics!!yeheyyy!!😍😍😍

  • Uno Reverse Card

    Uno Reverse Card

    2019-09-21 15:53

    Yay!!!This is finally on Webcomics!!Thank you!!

    • Zaina FATHIMA: Where else can I find it

  • ♡Halo_Halo♡°♤°♡Name♡


    2019-09-21 15:21

    maybe the collar has something to do with it?? :^/

  • Visitor 51787

    Visitor 51787

    2019-09-21 16:7

    Poor kitty 😢😢😢

  • HeichouHareHuang


    2019-09-21 16:36

    Poor caaaat!! 😫😭😭 Wait, hold on.. Is that the ML in a cat's form? 😳

    • Luna Winter: Maybe and I wouldn’t be surprised. But what makes my blood boil is that man grabbing the poor cat like that!!! 😡🤬

  • Olin Olin

    Olin Olin

    2019-09-29 16:36

    this guy doesnt deserved to be a vet at all!! what a despicable man 😡

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