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Phoenix Nirvana
Phoenix Nirvana

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She reborn twice. In her first lifetime, she could only be the other woman and was not even noticed by him. In the second time, she did anything to get him but finally was killed by him. She still loves him when she rebirth third times. But this time, she chooses to leave him as far as she can... (P.S. The reasons why she could rebirth twice will be revealed in later chapters)

167 Chapters

  • Phoenix Nirvana
  • Phoenix Nirvana
  • Phoenix Nirvana
  • Phoenix Nirvana
  • Phoenix Nirvana
  • Phoenix Nirvana
  • Phoenix Nirvana
  • Phoenix Nirvana
  • Phoenix Nirvana
  • Phoenix Nirvana
  • Phoenix Nirvana


  • Brandie K

    Brandie K

    2018-06-22 2:32

    love how she took over the whole bed 😅

    • loli 89591 (Columbus+(East+Columbus)): thats what i always do

    • ikemen 60408 (Manchester): that so me when I’m in bed

    • 14 Replies
  • Milisant Guerrero

    Milisant Guerrero

    2018-06-22 2:28

    Come on man -.- tuck her in after you love her

    • Ren : lol im rereading all of this again and i just liked ur comment after i already liked it before 😂 which unliked ur comme...

    • fairy tail #1: yah what he said

    • 10 Replies
  • imthesupportingroleforlife


    2018-06-22 2:29

    Hmmm something starting....! 😏😏😏 btw first comment! 😁😁

    • Ar Bay: after reading the updates... nothing started... hahaha.. it was just a teaser... this comic is really getting on my nerv...

  • Kay Rios

    Kay Rios

    2018-06-22 2:53

    Does anyone think they will get together

    • Lazelle: After killing her dad and brother in her previous life? I hope not. But it's too obvious with the cover of this webcomic...

    • Mizyu: I hope he falls for her, but I also hope she leaves him for good.

    • 20 Replies
  • MyName


    2018-06-22 3:12

    9 episodes and the ship has barely started😢😢😢

    • josie san: I think he want her after she escape?

    • lone soul: it's barely starting to float but our FL is taking it down piece by piece 😭😭

  • Nanananana😍


    2018-06-22 2:33

    soon he will love you, and won't let you leave...

    • shouta 53753 (Kuala+Lumpur): AHHH NANA!!

    • DdaengOtaku: Promise?

  • Vernadeath(*^▽^)/☆\(^ω^\)


    2018-06-22 3:55

    Is it bad that I ship them •﹏•

    • May Dean: not bad at all I also ship them I loved slow bud romance btw its more savoring 😍😍

    • sensei 75261 (New+York): unordinary fav comic!!!

  • Boss Beauty101

    Boss Beauty101

    2018-06-22 2:28

    um okay😑😑😑😑😑😑

  • Quo Soon

    Quo Soon

    2018-06-22 2:31

    what is that? balm?

    • shouta 63569 (The Hague (Loosduinen)): I think it’s something that you apply that smells really bad. She wanted the emperor to find her repulsive.

    • Kiki Ag: i am wondering too. what was the purpose!

    • 4 Replies
  • Jolala


    2018-06-22 8:42

    i'm just waiting for the day that he will fall inlove with her and then she will drop him like a hot potato.. lol

    • Muii•.~: Hot potato blob He is a little cob Way to hot Burns your eyes You can’t see You want to cry Hot Potato

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