Starsea Concoy - Ch. 12 Twist I

Starsea Concoy
Starsea Concoy

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This comic tells the stimulating advanture about Tang Tugen, the very representative, and other frank "starsea sentinels" after Mankind has entered its second great epoch of exploration in 3000 D.B. of the Galactic Era.

277 Chapters

  • Starsea Concoy
  • Starsea Concoy
  • Starsea Concoy
  • Starsea Concoy
  • Starsea Concoy
  • Starsea Concoy
  • Starsea Concoy


  • D Herbsman

    D Herbsman

    2018-04-23 18:21

    thot so! he he he. they we're faking it.

    • Jai Gee: - but the 3 of them made the fight look good enough to fool the stooges. 😏😉

    • dream catcher☃: I knew it Bebe

    • 3 Replies
  • shouta 87547 (Lagos)

    shouta 87547 (Lagos)

    2018-05-14 19:12

    why were they faking it?

    • ezerial blue: probably to get more intel by spying on em n sneak attacking em

    • O-Dawg: But. They legit just let their sister go and get controlled like that. Hopefully he won’t control her

  • OtakuAlpaca


    2018-04-23 3:32


    • TheLuna: not

  • SpiritRanger 81300 (Universe)

    SpiritRanger 81300 (Universe)

    2018-07-07 17:58

    so are we going to ignore the fact that she just got her big sister kidnapped?

    • ezerial blue: they must have a plan...the green haired girl might b faking it too to sneak attack em n get some intel...

  • Sora Yuke

    Sora Yuke

    2018-06-03 11:49


  • timejumper 45145 (Universe)

    timejumper 45145 (Universe)

    2018-07-28 2:53

    see a dude with loli FBI OPEN UP!!!

    • ezerial blue: that pedo,sexual harasser,child abuser needs jail time

  • hentaidoctor 80791 (Universe)

    hentaidoctor 80791 (Universe)

    2018-07-06 13:42


  • cassafrass .___.

    cassafrass .___.

    2018-09-28 19:59

    I think ding-dang is my favorite

  • Diana Zetina

    Diana Zetina

    2018-11-02 19:42

    If they were faking, why would they let their own sister get taken away. if they wanted to know about the bad guy, they would have beaten him up and threaten to kill him or whatever, it makes no sense. And I thought they were supposed to "protect" each other as sisters

  • Izhar Ainz Ooal

    Izhar Ainz Ooal

    2018-11-15 21:22

    arghhhh they trick us 😅😅 😓😓😓

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