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The Breaker: New Waves

The Breaker: New Waves


The Breaker 2;The Breaker: NW;The Breaker: Part 2;The Breaker: Martial Arts City;브레이커NW;The Breaker: New Waves


Author:Park, Jin-HwanJeon, Geuk-jin

Chapters (Episode):203


Park, Jin-HwanJeon, Geuk-jin

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



After Yi "Shioon" Shi-Woon's master, Goomoonryong, breaks his ki-center, leaving him unable to use his martial arts, he decides to leave the world of Murim and continue on with his normal life: going to school and coming home to his mother every day. However, Murim has other ideas. Discovered as the only true disciple of Goomoonryong and entrusted with the Phoenix Medallion of the Sunwoo Clan by Lady Sosul—making him the interim leader of the Sunwoo Clan—the world of Murim is not so eager to let Shioon leave. With his new status, enemies Shioon has never encountered before keep appearing before him, such as the organization known as Soldiers Under Command. They are intent on getting rid of him for the sake of their own prosperity, but how will Shioon defend himself without his ki-center intact? [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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Park, Jin-HwanJeon, Geuk-jin


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