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Stop! In the name of love!

Stop! In the name of love!


Stop! In the name of love!


Author:Mayama, Jun

Chapters (Episode):5


Mayama, Jun

Chapters (Episode)



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Chapter 1: Stop! In the name of love! After a night of drinking surgeon Fukami is found in bed with a boy by his betrothed. And the boy happens to be quite a handful, the hospital director's son and in love with someone Fukami knows. Chapter 2: Sexy Friend 69 During the day Minezaki is a quiet high school boy with glasses, but after school in order to pay back his father's debt to the yakuza the glasses come off and he turns into Akihiko, a male prostitute. One day though his client is one of his class mates. Chapter 3 a, b and c: Picaresque (comes in 3 parts) Kanou is the last independent country, its lord Kagetaka has achieved with great strategy to avoid disputes with its greedy neighbours. When his lord falls, Kanou seems vulnerable, but luckily Kagetaka had a twin brother who could take his place. But not for Kagetaka's friend Kaoru who has been in love with his lord for years. He vows not to accept the fake lord into his heart, but some vows seem not quite so easy to live up to. Chapter 4: Short extra to chapter 1 Chapter 5: Another short extra to chapter 1 (source: Geisha_X)

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Mayama, Jun


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