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Rockman ZX

Rockman ZX


MegaMan ZX;ロックマン ゼクス;Rockman ZX


Author:Ogino, Shin

Chapters (Episode):14


Ogino, Shin

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



Megaman ZX starts about 200 years after the Megaman Zero existed. Now a days reploids and humans coexist happilly and in peace. This story includes two teens, Aile and Vent, who are struggling to oversome what happened in their past(10 years before the whole story), both of them lost their mothers in an amusement park due to a Maverick raid. Now they both find them selfs working for Giro the owner of a transporter service called Giro Express. Giro is contacted by their latest yet mysterious client( they were on a cliff a redezvous point to get the package delivered), while on that they get attacked by the mavericks and the package is lost or so they think for Aile and Vent go in search of the package until they find it along with the mysterious client which was infact the leader of the guardians, while Aile and Vent try to explain what happened to them they get attacked by another Maverick, that is when their real adventure begins. The package they were delivering was a Biometal, by the name of Biometal X he tells them he will help them by providing their courage all the power he can give. Both of them Megamerge with the Biometal and that is where their mission to protect the city, its inhabitants and find out who is behind all the maverick raids begins. AFter that they also find out that Giro is indeed a Megaman, Megaman Z, who works alongside with the guardians.

Creator & Rold Information

Ogino, Shin


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