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Announcer: James Harden From: myanimelist
Nightmare Funk

Nightmare Funk


Akumu Imouto! Umaru-chan;ナイトメア・ファンク;Nightmare Funk


Author:Takemura, Youhei

Chapters (Episode):17


Takemura, Youhei

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



Kurusu Hiyori is a young policewoman and the daughter of a former police chief. She has the unusual curse of having predictive dreams of a person's murder the following day. Tragically, the first of these dreams she experienced showed her the death of her own father. Over time, the dreams have led to her social isolation, a kind of grim-reaper reputation, and a lot of problems at work—the police are not fond of her habit of rushing off to investigate future crimes she saw in her dreams. Even worse, the dreams that have left her as an adult bedwetter have not enabled her to save a single person. That all changes, on the day after she dreams of the assassination of Claus Haida, a creepy foreigner. She is overjoyed to have rescued him, but it turns out that he is something of a monster himself. He works for a foreign company, and has decided that it is in both of their interests for the two of them to team up. He is undeniably useful, but can Hiyori really join forces with such a person? (Source: MangaHelpers) Included one-shot: Volume 4: Akumu Imouto! Umaru-chan

Creator & Rold Information

Takemura, Youhei


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