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Mo Ichido Koishite

Mo Ichido Koishite


Moichido Koi shite;Call My Name;Resume Falling in Love;もいちど恋して;Mo Ichido Koishite


Author:Kanbe, Akira

Chapters (Episode):12


Kanbe, Akira

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



Yagami Haru works at an advertisement agency. Haru admires his boss, Ryou, but Ryou is very strict with him, never smiles and always criticizes his work. This frustrates Haru even though everyone else at the office seems to realize that Ryou actually cherishes Haru and is being protective of him. When Haru is entrusted to negotiate with a new client he meets their representative, Shibata, and is immediately attracted to him. That's because Shibata looks and acts exactly like someone who rejected Haru 10 years ago! The two men start seeing each other, but it seems like Shibata has ulterior motives? Meanwhile, Ryou is annoyed to hear that Haru is going out with someone and on top of that he just received distressing information about Shibata. What will happen when Ryou confronts Haru? (Source: the evil empire)

Creator & Rold Information

Kanbe, Akira


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