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Manga Kenkanryuu

Manga Kenkanryuu


The Anti-Korean Wave;マンガ 嫌韓流;Manga Kenkanryuu


Author:Yamano, Sharin

Chapters (Episode):0


Yamano, Sharin

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The story revolves around Kaname, a first-year university student, his girlfriend Itsumi, and other members of their university's 'East Asia Investigation Committee,' as well as their resident Korean friend, Kouichi. Kaname initially believes the story of Japanese oppression of colonized Korea as taught at school and is critical of his grandfather who once worked for the colonial government in Korea. Kaname's belief, however, is subsequently challenged by his grandfather's last words before his death that 'Japan contributed to the development of Korea.' Confused, Kaname decides to join the history group on entering the university and begins his quest for the 'truth' about Korea and Japan-Korea relations. Throughout the comic, he and Itsumi accumulate knowledge on Korea and Japan-Korea relations from the Internet, books, and senior members of the history group. In each chapter they debate opponents such as Kouichi, other history study groups, citizen activists, and South Korean students over issues such as the Japanese colonization of Korea, the status of Korean residents in Japan, and who should accept responsibility for the war. Invariably they win every debate.

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Yamano, Sharin


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