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Luminous Arc 2: Will

Luminous Arc 2: Will


ルミナスアーク2 ウィル;Luminous Arc 2: Will


Author:Rakuto, Mangan

Chapters (Episode):3


Rakuto, Mangan

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



In an age when a power called "magic" supports everyday life and civilization itself, peace is supported by the queen's knights and the Rev's Magic Association. Sixteen years before the story is unrolled, monsters called Beast Fiends started to appear, destroying everything in their way. Mattias, leader of the Magic Association, used a forbidden power to seal the source of the fiends. While successful in his plot, the use of that power resulted in his death. However, new Beast Fiends have been appearing, and the Kingdom faces problems while trying to protect the entire kingdom. Meanwhile, Fatima, a powerful witch of the Association with control of the rare Shadow Frost Magic, goes rogue and starts a conflict with the Association, causing more trouble to the Kindgom. Trying to solve the crisis, the Kingdom starts a clandestine research of an easier way to use magic. The story starts at the point when the Kingdom had just successfully completed their research into such a tool, which they call the "Runic Engine". Roland, a knight in training, is caught in the middle of this situation, and is accidentally imbued with this new power, which throws him in the middle of both the Beast Fiends threat, and the Witch Conflict itself.

Creator & Rold Information

Rakuto, Mangan


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