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Lights Out

Lights Out


Eojjeonji Joheun Il-i Saenggil Geot Gateun Jeonyek;어쩐지 좋은 일이 생길 것 같은 저녁;Lights Out


Author:Lee, Myung-Jin

Chapters (Episode):0


Lee, Myung-Jin

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



All Gun wanted to do was turn over a new leaf. A problem child since birth, Gun thought transferring to Northern Art High School and moving into the Lucky Residence would offer him a fresh start--a chance to begin again, away from his punch-drunk past. He really should have known better. Whether it's having his attempts at romance with the lovely Seung-Ah thwarted time and time again by the lusty Ji-Ae, putting up with deliveryman Sung-Rae's dreams of heavy metal stardom, or dealing with Northern Art's gangs, Gun is going to have a very hard time shaking off his past. However, it's something he must do if he's to look towards the future, and Gun's future is a bright one indeed. For on the hard asphalt surface of a bike track, Gun will finally lose his apathy and find himself. On the back of a motorcycle, Gun's life finally has purpose, and it's a purpose that will not be fulfilled, at least in Gun's eyes, until he's taken the checkered flag in the Korean Grand Prix. (Source: MU)

Creator & Rold Information

Lee, Myung-Jin


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