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Kimi wa Nanimo Shiranai

Kimi wa Nanimo Shiranai


君はなにも知らない;Kimi wa Nanimo Shiranai


Author:Hanano, Risa

Chapters (Episode):13


Hanano, Risa

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



The story starts off with Megu, our heroine getting rejected from her latest confession. Its been a few months since she started high school and she's already confessed and been rejected ten times! For Megu, she is envious of her childhood friend Nao, who got confessed to by a girl during their middle school graduation and is now in a happy relationship. She also wants to have a love where the person you like, likes you back and with this reasoning, Megu is determined to get a boyfriend no matter what. However, her continuous pursuit of love gave her the playgirl impression on men, even the popular playboy Aikawa refused her. Later on when Aikawa discovers the real reason behind Megu wanting a boyfriend, with a beaming face he proposes they date each other which Nao strongly disagrees. (Source: Rizzz)

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Hanano, Risa


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