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Itou Junji Kyoufu Manga Collection 16: Frankenstein

Itou Junji Kyoufu Manga Collection 16: Frankenstein


A Doll's Hellish Burial;Memories of Real Shit;Jigoku no Ningyousou;Real Unko no Omoide;伊藤潤二恐怖マンガCOLLECTION⑯ フランケンシュタイン;Itou Junji Kyoufu Manga Collection 16: Frankenstein


Author:Ito, Junji

Chapters (Episode):5


Ito, Junji

Chapters (Episode)



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Frankenstein Victor Frankenstein is a promising Swiss noble and passionate scientist who seeks to unlock the very mysteries of life. Driven by the desire to create his own living being, Victor begins constructing a creature from the parts of the deceased. Though successful in bringing it to life, his triumph quickly turns to horror as he finds his creation to be an utterly revolting and unsightly beast. Having passed out in shock, Victor awakens to find his creation gone. Soon, he works to forget his former passion and distance himself from his transgression. However, when the creature reemerges into his life, Victor finds he must deal with a vengeance-seeking fiend, lest he lose all that he holds precious in life. Jigoku no Ningyousou (A Doll's Hellish Burial) In the midst of a worldwide epidemic where girls slowly transform into lifeless dolls, two parents find their child Marie has been infected. Though the couple love their daughter, they must decide their course of action: bury her and end their torment, or spare her no matter what she may become. Real Unko no Omoide (Memories of Real Shit) The horror mangaka Junji Itou recalls a vivid memory from his childhood. When at a festival, he came across a stall that seemed to sell real feces. Though it was just a toy, the sight created a burning desire in the mischievous boy... [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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Ito, Junji


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