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Hare Yuku Sora

Hare Yuku Sora


Un Ciel Radieux;Hareyuku Sora;晴れゆく空;Hare Yuku Sora


Author:Taniguchi, Jiro

Chapters (Episode):12


Taniguchi, Jiro

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



Summer. Around Tokyo. A terrible accident between a motorcyclist and a van. Ten days later, the van's driver, Kazuhiro Kubota, 42 years old, dies. At the same moment, though, the motorcyclist, Takuya Onodera, 17 years old, begins showing signs of life. In just a few days, he regained consciousness: a true miracle. However, the one which awakens in Takuya's body is Kazuhiro. After a moment of surprise, he understands that a second chance was granted to him: he was allowed to borrow Takuya's body to do what he had to do before his death, i.e. tell his wife and his 8 years old daughter that he deeply loved them and that he regrets that his job couldn't allow him to spend much time with them. Who will believe, however, that he is but Kazuhiro Kubota in another body ?

Creator & Rold Information

Taniguchi, Jiro


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