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Hana no En

Hana no En


Ginnan Apartment;花の宴;Hana no En


Author:Roppongi, Aya

Chapters (Episode):4


Roppongi, Aya

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



1. Hana no En (3 chapters) Hajime and his older brother Jirou run a small flower shop named Utage, which is facing the threat of possibly closing down because very few customers come by their place. Hajime in a moment of desperation asks Jirou's good friend Sou, who is a kadou (ikebana) teacher, whether Sou would consider buying flowers from their shop. Sou answers with a challenge. If Hajime can get his younger sister Madoka to agree to the plan, Sou will gladly become one of flower shop Utage's regular customers. However, Madoka does not seem to be an easy one to convince... 2. Ginnan Apartment (One-Shot) Honami is about to move into her new cheap, run-down apartment when she runs into two guys about her age in front of a large, but dying ginkgo tree growing in the apartment's yard. One of them leads her to her new place, but they both find out that someone named Jiro-chan seems to be living there already. Who is this Jiro-chan? Honami finds out as she begins meeting her new neighbors.

Creator & Rold Information

Roppongi, Aya


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