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Getting Married with Paris

Getting Married with Paris


Getting Married to Paris;PARIS와 결혼하기;Getting Married with Paris


Author:Lee, Bin

Chapters (Episode):0


Lee, Bin

Chapters (Episode)



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Dong-su Yi is the 20th succeeding offspring of Prince Heo-pung Yi, a member of the royal family in the Joseon era. In compliance with his father’s wish, he attends Saint Andromeda Academy, a school for Korea’s richest 1%. One day, a granddaughter of Man-deuk Wang, the owner of Korea’s largest company MD, acquires a large portion of MD shares, making everyone wonder who this mysterious girl is. Everything is a mystery except her name: Paris. Dong-su thinks nothing of it until his father orders him to transfer to Sunshine High School to seduce her. On his first day, he runs into a strange girl in lounge pants who speaks with a provincial accent. It shocks him when he finds out that she is the famous heiress Paris. They started off on the wrong foot, but will Dong-su still try to seduce Paris to restore his family’s fortunes? (Source: Manhwa Creator Bank)

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Lee, Bin


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