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Boku dake ni Kiss wo Shite

Boku dake ni Kiss wo Shite


Please Kiss Me;Rag Doll Honey;Love;My Lover;ボクだけにキスをして;Boku dake ni Kiss wo Shite


Author:Ichijou, Lemon

Chapters (Episode):6


Ichijou, Lemon

Chapters (Episode)



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Collection of one shots: Please Kiss Me Why does Kei pick Setsu up everyday and then ignore him at school? Setsu wonders is he special or just a bother. Rag Doll Honey It’s been six months of dating why won’t Kotori let Ryouta into his apartment? Sweet Life Living together to save money is fine, but how long can one live under the same roof with the one they like without saying anything? You Are All Of Me Matsumoto is always getting into fights and Kanehara the student council president is always reprimanding him. Who’d guess these two are going out. Love, My Lover Kouki is always left alone at home when Yukiya goes off traveling for long periods of time. He starts to really question how serious Yukiya is about him and it only intensifies when Kouki finds a pair of womens earings. He Is A Lovely Person Setsu and Kei have been dating for a month. Kei is always doing things for Setsu, it is now time for Kei to be selfish. (Source: M-U)

Creator & Rold Information

Ichijou, Lemon


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