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Awfully Damn Kiss and Hug

Awfully Damn Kiss and Hug


Jidokhage Kkeureoango Jidokhage Kiseuhago;지독하게 끌어안고 지독하게 키스하고;Awfully Damn Kiss and Hug


Author:Lee, Gi Ha

Chapters (Episode):0


Lee, Gi Ha

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



The beautiful Chae Young Un is used to dating guys and breaking up with them shortly after, but when one day she encounters the enigmatic first year student, Jang Yeon Ho, beating up a guy who had just stolen her wallet, their lives become unmistakable intertwined. Unable to leave him alone, Chae Young finds herself worrying and taking care of him as Jang Yeon Ho attempts to drive himself further and further into destruction. Is it pity or love that makes Chae Young Un care about Jang Yeon Ho? She's not so sure, but whatever it may be, Chae Young refuses to leave his side. Jang Yeon Ho is haunted by his past and Chae Young Un cannot leave him alone. And while Jang Yeon Ho tries to fend her kindness off, he slowly begins to find that living is a whole lot brighter with her by his side. A story about broken people finding love and redemption.

Creator & Rold Information

Lee, Gi Ha


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