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Romance The Boss's Shotgun Wedding
The Boss's Shotgun Wedding The Boss's Shotgun Wedding
The Boss's Shotgun Wedding

Author: Flower(original novel)+ shibuciyuan+Kuaikan Comics

  • Contractual marriage, a scandal of this seemingly perfect president?
  • Let's see how she will counterattack after being deceived, framed and abandoned!

Framed by her best friend, she was abandoned by her boyfriend and got kicked out of the family by her relatives. By accident, she spent a night with this cold president. "Since you're pregnant, let's get married. I know you don't love me, and you should know that I don't love you either." A story of this loveless contractual marriage has begun...


  • Visitor 22954

    Visitor 22954

    2021-07-24 11:03:04 From Ch. 0 Prologue



  • katrinaaa airenaaa

    katrinaaa airenaaa

    2021-07-24 05:09:43 From Ch. 141

    i an reading 322 which is the latest chapter and it's not yet the ending .. 😂😂😂


  • MsTanzanite8


    2021-07-23 02:56:17 From Ch. 42

    Thank you for your responses. I am just saying that she could have blocked or dodged the slap.


  • Bushra💫


    2021-07-22 22:02:08 From Ch. 114

    she's a purple bish😣😣


  • Bushra💫


    2021-07-22 21:52:50 From Ch. 111

    wait till the mum comes in😐😐


  • Nini des forêts

    Nini des forêts

    2021-07-22 21:44:52 From Ch. 141

    yeah, for real, can we have for once a strong FL that doesn't let ML walk on her feet and say what she can or can not do and can we have a ML that respect weman and not think them as trophee to expose and to use ? It's not that I don't like this comic (cause if it was the case i would not read it) but for real, the situation here is unbearable since they are both so stupid ! and it get worst since a few chapter


  • JMPerky


    2021-07-22 20:05:57 From Ch. 141

    Happy to read your speech. Comic leads are usually painfully and obviously flawed.


  • Nini des forêts

    Nini des forêts

    2021-07-22 08:59:10 From Ch. 141

    end of my speech sorry it was too long ahah : To finish, if you don't say that you love her too how the hell can she know it ! The ML is an egoist, narcissic pervert and he can't see more thant the tips of his f*cking nose ! But the FL is like a vegetable that wait like that ! please buy you a personality and talk for god sake ! Tell him that he is a j*erk and if he continue like that you'll leave him ! TELL HIM !!!! And make your own décisions, for now she is only manipulated by the ML and the support male that I find creepy because he only saw his dead lover in Xixi !


  • Nini des forêts

    Nini des forêts

    2021-07-22 08:58:48 From Ch. 141

    of course not, he is so self centred, he only think of him and his little person, don't care about why the FL is like that ! The only thing he said is "she is jalous, cool, lets ask her if she loves me" like for real dude, ask her first why is she crying, why is she upset, what did this b*tch of ex sweet child lover tell her, ask you the right question like "am I à j*rk ?" Yes. "Is that my fault that Xixi is in this state ?" Yes. "Am I à f*cking egoist that think she is mine, she is my object and I can do whatever with her ? And is that behaviour is horrible and narcissic ?" Yes yes yes !!!


  • visitor-san


    2021-07-21 21:33:53 From Ch. 141

    Because when she asked him outright if he thought of her as his wife he told her of course he's never... Oh gotta go and never finish that sentence again. Why should she tell him? She tried and he went *ML has left the chat*


  • M.C Nuggnet

    M.C Nuggnet

    2021-07-21 19:41:15 From Ch. 141

    Ikr both of them are annoying. The ML is more annoying with his ex but the FL just acts plain stupid like 90% of the time.


  • Astronaut☀️


    2021-07-20 08:20:46 From Ch. 129

    I hope she also leaves him because if this continues she might die of depression


  • Friendly Bums

    Friendly Bums

    2021-07-19 04:47:35 From Ch. 22

    e.... drink your drink of choice




    2021-07-18 17:03:08 From Ch. 136

    It make her look like an object for the boys to claim and the prize is the child in her tummy. Yin Sichen, by doing this he think she will get jealous and pull him back? He's gonna loose her and we will be glad that she leave because he don't friggin care whether he respected her as his wife or not. So what if he has a big company, had loads of money? But once he can't cut himself loose from that friggin green tea side kick, he can never win Xixi back and neither does she wants him back. It takes two hands to clap yo!


  • Tear732


    2021-07-17 18:12:45 From Ch. 130

    No, they definitly shouldn't. It is an understandable reaction at though. Losing one child while raising the other only to lose her aswell than meeting a stranger who looks exactly like her. It's just very sad.


  • Visitor67616


    2021-07-17 17:27:47 From Ch. 141

    * cat and mouse lol. My bad, my phone automatically changes some words and I rarely proofread. That being said, friendships are worthless in my opinion. They’re temporary in majority of cases. Other than the few that become like family. So though I agree that she’s stronger because of her friendship with Rona, it doesn’t change that the writer has given them both terrible and immature communication skills.


  • Unicorn🦄&🍭Lollipop


    2021-07-16 11:15:46 From Ch. 141

    Another ML who makes it to the list of top stupid MLs in manhuas. Hahahahaha


  • Unicorn🦄&🍭Lollipop


    2021-07-16 11:13:00 From Ch. 140

    Maybe FL does need to put this bish in place buuuut. Im thinking it’s ML who also has to be clear with his feelings and actions.


  • Unicorn🦄&🍭Lollipop


    2021-07-16 11:11:45 From Ch. 140

    Well, bishes ALWAYS make sense HAHAHA.


  • Shikugami101


    2021-07-15 06:22:30 From Ch. 141

    lmao car and mouse is interesting but more accurate in their situation one word from him and he could crush her but not anymore since she has TRUE friends



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