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Romance The CEO is Straight?
The CEO is Straight? The CEO is Straight?
The CEO is Straight?

Author: Weibo Comic

  • She thought she was the onlooker of others' love story, never did she expect herself to be the focus of a love triangle?! "Shut, shut up! I don't want to be the other woman!"
  • Can you understand the feeling of a fangirl? Which one is happier, being in love or being an onlooker of others' love story?

The fangirl's spring! Recently, the intern student Yin Lu has been obsessed with a male cp —— the GM and the deputy GM in the company! The two stunners deserve fangirls' attention! Uh? What's going on? Why do the two who are supposed to be together come to profess to her?


  • Arya Owo

    Arya Owo

    2021-04-14 16:46:27 From Ch. 70

    is that why I waste my time on something like that the ending was useless I really wish there was a dislike button so I can dislike it


  • Bhupendra Singh

    Bhupendra Singh

    2021-04-08 18:48:30 From Ch. 17

    omg you also watch this


  • Nics


    2021-04-07 07:30:45 From Ch. 1

    same it's so small


  • Al xiaoxiao

    Al xiaoxiao

    2021-04-02 13:32:50 From Ch. 8

    Hhahah your right am so and very happy for them


  • Manahari Manahari Ra

    Manahari Manahari Ra

    2021-03-20 15:10:15 From Ch. 70

    This is the first comic that has poor end 😢 😞 💔. In this comic GM doesn't tell his feelings to his heorine . What the hell is this ending . First I like this comic but in the end I unfavourite this comic. Editor please say this is end of season1 and season 2 you as soon as update 🙏 🙏 😢 🙏 🙏


  • ezerial blue

    ezerial blue

    2021-03-18 21:03:58 From Ch. 69

    well if she wasn't forced/didn't have an understandable reason where she didn't have a choice but to do it but was a co-conspirator it is a little but since she was instigated by mls sister it's her fault more n main planner.. also green haired girl resigned as an apology/to make up for it and that's a pretty big redemption so she made up for it a lot.. so I don't think she should be held responsible but it's mls sister that should be held responsible. tho I hope mls sister is regretting since she wondered if ml d hate her if she did something wrong obv ik she just cares about not wanting ml to hate her than thinking she was wrong to hurt FL but still if she's regretting then I hope she repents n doesn't do it again..


  • ezerial blue

    ezerial blue

    2021-03-18 20:54:22 From Ch. 66

    I m really happy you didn't use derogatory like dumb, stupid etc like other ppl use n I understand that sometimes ppl r just frustrated..but charas/ppl can be a little slow with their feelings sometimes so it's not always their fault either... n this way of expressing your frustration is really cute and better than cursing/derogatory n really keeps comment section positive.. thanks. 😄


  • ezerial blue

    ezerial blue

    2021-03-18 20:50:03 From Ch. 65

    yeah it's rare to see a change like that.. I m thankful she wasn't one of those ppl that just doesn't learn forever..


  • ezerial blue

    ezerial blue

    2021-03-18 20:47:33 From Ch. 64

    well she was smart in case of pen drive but I don't want her to make the wrong choice n date white haired guy (even if she doesn't date ml rn n takes her time).. cuz he is upto no good.. but I understand that she doesn't know he's scheming so I hope she gets to know that or atleast thinks whether she really likes em n if she does then questions if he really likes her n if so then why etc n has some discussions with him so he can atleast slip up etc. she can't just magically know he's not interested in her honestly just cuz we know (we r shown everything but she isn't so we shouldn't expect her to get that)... but I hope she realizes some how though.


  • ezerial blue

    ezerial blue

    2021-03-18 20:38:17 From Ch. 61

    she shouldn't have to worry about her boss getting jealous cuz he isn't her bf, she asked him if something was wrong but he pretended not to care so she doesn't have the obligation to worry about him getting jealous till he confesses (boss is the one that needs to be smart n confess instead of getting jealous/trying to kiss her in her sleep ((attempted sexual assault))or if she's in love in which case she may care about him misunderstanding.but for now it's not her fault.also if ppl can be jealous for you getting help n wearing someone else's coat cuz your clothes got dirty then that's being unreasonable/immature(ppl can help regardless of romantic intent) , ppl need to be understanding even if he was her bf.


  • ezerial blue

    ezerial blue

    2021-03-18 20:23:20 From Ch. 55

    it wasn't just stealing a kiss but what he tried to do there was attempted sexual assault(it's not ok consent is important for healthy relationship).. you can't kiss ppl in their sleep and he hasn't confessed yet n she hasn't agreed either n they don't have to pretend to b bf gf except I front of his sister.. I hope he doesn't do stuff like this and just confesses so it can be consentual instead of pretending not to care.


  • ezerial blue

    ezerial blue

    2021-03-18 20:22:59 From Ch. 55

    yeah what he tried to do there was attempted sexual assault(it's not ok consent is important for healthy relationship).. you can't kiss ppl in their sleep and he hasn't confessed yet n she hasn't agreed either n they don't have to pretend to b bf gf except I front of his sister.. I hope he doesn't do stuff like this and just confesses so it can be consentual instead of pretending not to care.


  • ezerial blue

    ezerial blue

    2021-03-18 20:16:09 From Ch. 52

    yeah tho the white haired guy hasn't confessed he just expects her to know his feelings.. ppl arent telepathic.. you need to tell them you love them so they can give you an answer..n many ppl don't want to presume cuz they might feel they be seen as rude, presumptuous etc n misunderstandings happen n thy r embarrassing. ppl need to communicate.. so he should first confess and if she doesn't like him but on and just be her friend (if he wants to or not).. doing good things for someone with expectations can be hurtful and ppl can end up burdening someone with expectations without even letting them know they expect it.it's more about logic too. tho white haired guy is trying to snatch FL from ml cuz he likes mls sister so that's not ok.


  • ezerial blue

    ezerial blue

    2021-03-18 20:08:48 From Ch. 51

    or just saying that you just went on a business trip lol it wasn't for romance..n little romance related things that happened between em weren't cuz they wanted it to happen but they were co-incidences (consentual romance has yet to start) so he can use that as an excuse if he doesn't realize he's in love or doesn't wanna make it public..


  • ezerial blue

    ezerial blue

    2021-03-18 20:03:40 From Ch. 49

    um you can't see feelings ppl aren't telepathic. presuming some one likes you cuz they are nice to you can be confusing cuz ppl might be afraid they d be seen as rude/paranoid/narcissistic if they presume n if they don't they are called dumb (that's double standards), n in real life ppl don't even blush that much nor does it always show oup on skin n even if it did situations can have tonnes of other reasons n misunderstanding em can be embarrassing. .. he needs to communicate and confess..relationships without communication don't work easily (even if they do it's rare or its shown unrealistically in fiction but that's it).. whether it's good ppl or bad if they don't communicate they ll either make an unrealistic relationship if they r successful or break up/face painful hurdles in their relationship etc.so I hope he confesses.


  • ezerial blue

    ezerial blue

    2021-03-18 19:58:48 From Ch. 49

    they are not together yet they are just pretending to be bf n gf.. n he was trying to make a character out of her but that doesn't mean he was using her.. using someone means getting something out of them till you can n pretending to be nice to them/being their friend or something else and when your work is done just leaving them like they are strangers when or if they need you.


  • ezerial blue

    ezerial blue

    2021-03-18 19:53:23 From Ch. 48

    she asked him to wait for her but we didn't see him promising her or saying he likes her any where.. so why does he have to be faithful or loyal to his sister as a lover? when he didn't say he liked her or promised any thing,I saw pity in his eyes n he may/may not have felt bad that he couldn't reciprocate her feelings n may be that's why he wasn't too harsh with rejecting her he also repeatedly tried to keep her away from himself despite the fact that she nearly harassed him and was rude to FL despite having been told that she's his gf n he's still tolerant of her..that doesn't sound like a jerk to me, but do explain why he's a jerk if u think so). only think I feel he should have done is taken consent before kissing FL somehow tho ik his sister accused him so thy both had to play along but still. but otherwise I don't c what's wrong.


  • ezerial blue

    ezerial blue

    2021-03-18 19:45:33 From Ch. 48

    I wish he took consent before hand or right there by whishpering ik she agreed to be a fake gf but only till handholding I didn't see any consents for kisses n consent is important.. but he was sort of forced too but still.


  • ezerial blue

    ezerial blue

    2021-03-18 19:31:31 From Ch. 41

    well sadly ppl criticize ppl for doing any thing they think is odd cuz of their social conditioning.so guys get criticized too whether it's for reading romance/bl webt00n wearing/doing gender free/unisex clothes(eg. skirts, heels etc)/things eg. makeup(many things aren't made for genders but for body parts). so ppl get criticized for their interests etc sadly when it's illogical to criticize ppl for not copying what society thinks is normal or being different when many other ppl might have wanted to do that too but they were just afraid of criticism. I hope ppl can do what they want as long as it's not harmful to themselves or ppl, it's refreshing that hes shown reading bl but I wonder if he's reading it cuz its his hobby n he likes genre/story or if cuz he's got something to do with ml writing bl n him trying to find something out about ml n blonde haired dude? either is ok.


  • ezerial blue

    ezerial blue

    2021-03-18 18:38:01 From Ch. 31

    well let's c if he does something wrong then may be but if he's just pursuing her then not..cuz if it was ml most ppl d let it slide(I m not saying let stalkerish behavior slide but saying that let's not judge too soon) ... so we need more evidence.. but they could be trying to portray it in that way if hes rejected n it could slowly turn stalkerish but for now it's a guy trying to confess to a girl (just that not showing his face fully added the mystery so it might have created that stalkerish vibe).



Completed, IDK(IDK)

  • Ch. 1

    2020-06-24 14:20:00 153

  • Ch. 2

    2020-06-24 14:20:00 43

  • Ch. 3

    2020-06-24 14:20:00 30

  • Ch. 4

    2020-06-24 14:20:00 55

  • Ch. 5

    2020-06-24 14:20:00 50

  • Ch. 6

    2020-06-24 14:20:00 41

  • Ch. 7

    2020-06-24 14:20:00 52

  • Ch. 8

    2020-06-24 14:20:00 42

  • Ch. 9

    2020-06-24 14:20:00 47

  • Ch. 10

    2020-06-24 14:20:00 35

  • Ch. 11

    2020-06-24 14:20:00 29

  • Ch. 12

    2020-06-24 14:20:00 59

  • Ch. 13

    2020-06-24 14:20:00 26

  • Ch. 14

    2020-06-24 14:20:00 43

  • Ch. 15

    2020-06-24 14:20:00 44

  • Ch. 16

    2020-06-30 14:20:00 29

  • Ch. 17

    2020-07-01 14:20:00 33

  • Ch. 18

    2020-07-07 14:20:00 31

  • Ch. 19

    2020-07-08 14:20:00 26

  • Ch. 20

    2020-07-14 14:20:00 33

  • Ch. 21

    2020-07-15 14:20:00 24

  • Ch. 22

    2020-07-21 14:20:00 22

  • Ch. 23

    2020-07-22 14:20:00 21

  • Ch. 24

    2020-07-28 14:20:00 26

  • Ch. 25

    2020-07-29 14:20:00 26

  • Ch. 26

    2020-08-04 14:20:00 27

  • Ch. 27

    2020-08-05 14:20:00 16

  • Ch. 28

    2020-08-11 14:20:00 37

  • Ch. 29

    2020-08-12 14:20:00 14

  • Ch. 30

    2020-08-18 14:20:00 30

  • Ch. 31

    2020-08-19 14:20:00 26

  • Ch. 32

    2020-08-25 14:20:00 9

  • Ch. 33

    2020-08-26 14:20:00 19

  • Ch. 34

    2020-09-01 14:20:00 34

  • Ch. 35

    2020-09-02 14:20:00 18

  • Ch. 36

    2020-09-08 14:20:00 21

  • Ch. 37

    2020-09-09 14:20:00 14

  • Ch. 38

    2020-09-15 14:20:00 15

  • Ch. 39

    2020-09-16 14:20:00 12

  • Ch. 40

    2020-09-22 14:20:00 10

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    2020-09-23 14:20:00 21

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    2020-09-29 14:20:00 15

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    2020-09-30 14:20:00 9

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    2020-10-06 14:20:00 28

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    2020-10-07 14:20:00 15

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    2020-10-13 14:20:00 15

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    2020-12-01 14:20:00 3

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    2020-12-09 14:20:00 8

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    2020-12-15 14:20:00 8

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    2020-12-16 14:20:00 12

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    2020-12-22 14:20:00 10

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    2020-12-23 14:20:00 5

  • Ch. 68

    2020-12-29 14:20:00 3

  • Ch. 69

    2020-12-30 14:20:00 6

  • Ch. 70

    2021-01-05 14:20:00 75

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