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Chikashitsu Himitsu Club

Chikashitsu Himitsu Club


地下室秘密倶楽部;Chikashitsu Himitsu Kurabu;A crisis in the 16th Year;The intuition of love;地下室秘密倶楽部;Chikashitsu Himitsu Club


Author:Nanase, Kai

Chapters (Episode):6


Nanase, Kai

Chapters (Episode)



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1. A crisis in the 16th Year Takeru and Keigo have been friends for a long time but now Keigo's duties with the student council seem to be taking up all of his time. 2. The intuition of love The manipulative student council President Fukami has misplaced his key to the basement and first year student Muromachi finds it. Can Fukami recover the key or has he met his match in Muromachi? 3. Shoujo Comic Supporter Harumi and Yuusuke were next door neighbors growing up. Yuusuke being much older than Harumi eventually left to attend college. Before leaving, Yuusuke gave Harumi a shoujo manga as a parting gift. Although Harumi didn't initially have an interest in shoujo manga, after reading the series Yuusuke recommended, he became a fan of shoujo manga.By time Harumi reaches high school he is obsessed with shoujo manga. He attempts to establish a shoujo manga club but is rejected by the student council president, Yoshiaki. Harumi and his club are supported by none other than Yuusuke who is now a teacher at Harumi's school.Suffering from the constant frustration of having the group's hard efforts to establish the shoujo manga club rejected, is there anything Harumi can do to persuade the student council president? And if there is, will Yuusuke continue to support him or stand in his way? (Source: MU)

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Nanase, Kai


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