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Announcer: James Harden From: myanimelist
Rakuen made Ato Mou Chotto

Rakuen made Ato Mou Chotto


Just a Little Until Paradise;楽園まであともうちょっと;Rakuen made Ato Mou Chotto


Author:Ima, Ichiko

Chapters (Episode):16


Ima, Ichiko

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



Takashi Asada who works as a debt collector, is having an affair with his boss Kikuchi, the president of Loans Kikuchi. They keep their relationship a secret from Kikuchi's wife--however, they are nearly found out when Kikuchi accidentally drops a ring from his pocket--ring matching the one Asada is wearing. They are saved by Tsutomu Kawae, who came to negotiate postponement of a debt repayment on behalf of his ex-wife and her family running a travel agency. Tsutomu takes the ring and pretends to be Asada's lover... now the debt collectors are indebted to Tsutomu and Asada is forced to 'test-ride' Tsutomu's new mountain-climbing vacation which is supposed to bring money to the travel agency and enable them to repay the debt. However, despite his initial dislike for mountain-climbing, Asada seems to be charmed by the newly discovered mountain paradise... or perhaps by Tsutomu?

Creator & Rold Information

Ima, Ichiko


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