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Tanpen Manga Shuu: Bunnies Hoka

Tanpen Manga Shuu: Bunnies Hoka


Bunnies;Bunnies Hoka;Locker Trade Agreement;The Islanders;短編マンガ集 バニーズほか;Tanpen Manga Shuu: Bunnies Hoka


Author:Kasabe, Tetsu

Chapters (Episode):9


Kasabe, Tetsu

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



Collection of 9 short stories: 1. Shima Ikka (The Islanders) A man is stranded on a remote island that is inhabited by a strange hermetical family. Being here could be the best thing that would happen to him. 2. Education from Outerspace 3. Eisei Kashikan 4. Bunnies What if you could see your own future? For a curious reporter, this question becomes no longer theoretical as he ends up serving as an involuntary guinea pig for a mad scientist who claims to be able to do just that. But is what he sees really the future? 5. Locker Boueki (Locker Trade Agreement) A scientist from the frozen world of the future discovers a locker which is also a time portal to the past... 6. Wataru Seken 7. Tora no Mon 8. Wasureta Kusa 9. Ipanema no Musume (Girl from Ipanema) (Source: MU)

Creator & Rold Information

Kasabe, Tetsu


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