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Thousand Years Romance

Thousand Years Romance


The Myth of the Laurel Tree;The Eden Garden Fantasia;Midsummer Night's Fantasy;月桂神話;Thousand Years Romance


Author:Huang, Jia Li

Chapters (Episode):3


Huang, Jia Li

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



A collection of three stories. Summary of story 1 from Selene Scans: A light-hearted shoujo that is beautifully presented by a Taiwanese mangaka named Huang Jia Li. The manga is divided into three episodes: The Myth of the Laurel Tree, The Eden Garden Fantasia, and Midsummer Night's Fantasy. The Myth of the Laurel Tree: The story makes references to the story between Apollo and a nymph he met in Greek mythology, although this information is not required to enjoy the it. Laurel (*hint, hint) and her younger sister are supposed to go to Egypt for another one of her "stone-collecting" vacations. However, things take an unexpected turn as soon as she meets a young man named Apollo (*hint, hint) who, in many girls eyes, may be too beautiful for words. For example, instead of being on a plane to Egypt, as she originally planned, the plane is hijacked by two odd terrorists to change course to Greece--even though that is already the intended destination! To makes things even weirder, the two hijackers' names are Cupid and Pan. What's going on? (Source: MU)

Creator & Rold Information

Huang, Jia Li


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