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Houkago Host Club

Houkago Host Club


After School Host Club;Love Affair of After School;Loving Secret;Koisuru Himitsu;Snow Black Christmas;Sadistic Darling;放課後ホストクラブ;Houkago Host Club


Author:Kanesada, Yukio

Chapters (Episode):4


Kanesada, Yukio

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



Compilation of short stories: 1. Koisuru Himitsu (Loving Secret) A woman who was going to graduate to become a teacher and for her last day of freedom she went to a host club, she fell in love with the most popular host of the club and spent the night with him. The next day... 2. Houkago Host Club (After School Host Club) Ever since kindergarten, Sumiko grew up never knowing love. At her school, they enforced strict discipline. Yet, tonight is the last "Free Night." Will Sumiko be taught "first love" by heading for that place? 3. Snow Black Christmas It’s Christmas Eve and Fuuka is preparing to meet with her boyfriend. They’ve been dating for 3 months and she’s still not sure she’s suppose to spend the night with him, but in the end she gave in to his pressure. Her date goes all wrong when she is seduced by a beautiful dancer called Take. Who is Fukka going to choose? (Source: Evil Flowers) 4. Sadistic Darling

Creator & Rold Information

Kanesada, Yukio


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