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Full House

Full House


풀하우스;Full House


Author:Won, Soo-yeon

Chapters (Episode):122


Won, Soo-yeon

Chapters (Episode)



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Ellie is an aspiring screenwriter in London, far from her home in Korea. While her life is a bit lonely, her one comfort is Full House, the estate left to her by her recently deceased father and the only tangible memory of him she has left. Meanwhile, world famous actor Ryder Baye is the obsession of many a stalker and tabloid reporter. Ellie barely remembers who he is, until the day she is unceremoniously evicted. Somehow, Ryder Baye manages to purchase Full House. Ellie will stop at nothing to reclaim her home. Ryder vows to stand his ground and hold onto his new purchase. The battle for Full House is fiery, with tempers ranging and sparks flying. What are two enemies to do when there is an intense attraction burning just below the surface? Ellie and Ryder may discover that their explosive chemistry under the same roof may turn them into a happy long as they can refrain from killing each other! (Source: Netcomics)

Creator & Rold Information

Won, Soo-yeon


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