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Romance Warm Wedding
Warm Wedding Warm Wedding
Warm Wedding

Author: iciyuan

  • The person she like is not the one who marries me. While the man who marries me is her beloved one's brother.

A love-hate entanglement caused by gratitude. Wandering between two brothers, she seems like a helpless rabbit. While he is the king of business. For the woman who belongs to him, he must choose to possess. But for whom doesn't belongs to him, what will he do?


  • Cattleya Peñalosa

    Cattleya Peñalosa

    2020-09-26 18:02:22 From Ch. 283

    *10 month-pregnancy


  • chat noir

    chat noir

    2020-09-26 04:43:14 From Ch. 4

    I'm with u✋


  • Via Cya 🌹🎀🌹

    Via Cya 🌹🎀🌹

    2020-09-24 21:47:18 From Ch. 289

    At least he got Nuo Nuo back and You You is finally gone.


  • Via Cya 🌹🎀🌹

    Via Cya 🌹🎀🌹

    2020-09-24 21:39:32 From Ch. 287

    Tuan Tuan isn't his daughter, she is his brother's daughter. But yes, I do agree with everything you said.


  • sophiya


    2020-09-24 19:01:17 From Ch. 292

    these two will make a good pair😂👌


  • sophiya


    2020-09-24 18:57:09 From Ch. 291

    everytime their matter seems to get worse...........he should be gentle With her. instead of forcing her , he should ask her consent, make it up to her and try to win her heart slowly and before that he should really try to win his son's heart first


  • PinguPenguin


    2020-09-23 17:43:02 From Ch. 291

    Like 99% of the readers


  • Taenney


    2020-09-23 15:37:30 From Ch. 292

    I think you are right. You know what even though I have a problem I always want to read a tragic love story but it should have a happy ending. I read a story that is cruel but in the end they should be happy together, I alsow ant to hurt myself that's why I love this kind of story lines


  • Via Cya 🌹🎀🌹

    Via Cya 🌹🎀🌹

    2020-09-23 12:59:37 From Ch. 262

    Geez, can all of you remember this is just a comic? I get it, we all want Hang Lang to suffer for his wrongs, but you guys can't possibly be wishing death on a fictional character. If this infuriating you, then just read somethif different. There is no reason to get worked up over nothing.


  • Scarlet heart

    Scarlet heart

    2020-09-23 05:14:45 From Ch. 292

    not for the first time. After nuo nuo was born all these was like a new story, I don't even remember what happened before


  • Via Cya 🌹🎀🌹

    Via Cya 🌹🎀🌹

    2020-09-23 00:53:00 From Ch. 257

    She is not making things worse, she is trying to get Nuo Nuo to understand right from wrong, because that is the job of a mother who truly cares about her child. She is right, the entire world can hate him, but Nou Nou can't, its just not right for a child to hate their father, no matter how horrible the father is.


  • Via Cya 🌹🎀🌹

    Via Cya 🌹🎀🌹

    2020-09-23 00:44:10 From Ch. 256

    Tuan tuan is Li Xin's daughter. He must have had the child with Lou You You and she immediately made Hang Lang the father because she is crazily obsessed with the man. So she must have asked her daughter to call Hang Lang Little Papa, hence, it leads to confusion because we all thought Tuan Than was Hang Lang's child


  • Bleached Eyes

    Bleached Eyes

    2020-09-22 23:25:04 From Ch. 291

    there really isnt any misunderstanding ;-; he has been forcing her to do shet from day 1, and making her do things against her will.


  • Via Cya 🌹🎀🌹

    Via Cya 🌹🎀🌹

    2020-09-22 23:05:39 From Ch. 246

    If she tells him the truth that she has his son, then there will be dire consequences for her and Nou Nou. Globefish let them live because she accepted a deal where she and her son would stay alive. She doesn't want to risk it, even though Hang Lang is being senseless, she can't risk telling him that she never had the abortion.


  • 𝚂𝚘𝚏𝚝𝙲𝚛𝚢❤︎


    2020-09-22 22:08:05 From Ch. 291

    Bruh Stfu he [email protected] her let her die and wanted to make her suffer... like really


  • Depression at its finest

    Depression at its finest

    2020-09-22 21:58:54 From Ch. 292

    Honestly I hope he does, I feel like it'd be easier for them to escape from Globe fish than Hang Lang


  • Violet


    2020-09-22 18:11:02 From Ch. 291



  • marie miz

    marie miz

    2020-09-22 18:00:50 From Ch. 292

    I dont think so he has good safety in his house


  • Mariane Jalil

    Mariane Jalil

    2020-09-22 15:08:06 From Ch. 290

    hahahahaaha...selamat berkenalan...


  • Tshiabnag Yaj

    Tshiabnag Yaj

    2020-09-21 22:24:31 From Ch. 275




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