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Modern Love Is Never Enough
Love Is Never Enough Love Is Never Enough
Love Is Never Enough

Author: Ake

  • In what form will true love appear?
  • Business struggles & romance

After three years of marriage, I found my husband is a two timer and did not want to hide his betrayal any more. I tried my best to please him and save the marriage but all I have done is far less important to the other woman - his first love in his eyes. Finally, I abandoned myself and chose another path of attack. At this time, the man I met was like a landscape that opens the door to my new world. He said to me, "There are so many a**holes in the world. If I hold your hand tight, you won't be afraid."



  • Lady Weapon

    Lady Weapon

    2020-07-09 23:58:08 From Ch. 18

    I can't imagine having to take a pill to get my ding ding up.. Lmfao... It's like trying to give Rigamortis to jello 😂🤣😆😃😀


  • Lady Weapon

    Lady Weapon

    2020-07-09 23:54:54 From Ch. 18

    Not being told what to do by a brain less flap of meat? Yup, I love being a natural born woman... Cuz with what I got I've always got my choices of males. Yeah, periods suck but there's gd with the bad - voice versa.


  • Lady Weapon

    Lady Weapon

    2020-07-09 23:32:18 From Ch. 11

    A gold digger with ugly tears and an even plainer face.


  • unoccupied nickname

    unoccupied nickname

    2020-07-09 04:18:43 From Ch. 94

    it's not even an ending.. it just stopped 😂😂


  • Sophia angel

    Sophia angel

    2020-07-09 03:29:38 From Ch. 11

    If she was the female lead you eould not be saying that you have to look at the story from both side and see how the real monster or bad guy is.(👀) / 👅\ ✌ ✌


  • Dyno Crafts

    Dyno Crafts

    2020-07-08 19:28:10 From Ch. 84

    Woah, I was the 555th like


  • Nerine Sarah

    Nerine Sarah

    2020-07-08 12:46:02 From Ch. 94

    poor girl


  • monkeypixxa


    2020-07-08 12:02:51 From Ch. 86

    what the Frick. . . 🤔🙄


  • Plinky25 !

    Plinky25 !

    2020-07-08 08:14:09 From Ch. 94

    OHHH OKAY I GOT IT I looked at spoilers and people said that there’s more chapters from the novel. They said that the FL survives from her suicide attempt however becomes very dumb. (Btw she’s pregnant I think they said) and they said that Florian has a fiancée that looks like the FL. The FL then tries to break Florian and his fiancée up with the reasoning being her baby (which is florian’s?))


  • Plinky25 !

    Plinky25 !

    2020-07-08 07:44:19 From Ch. 94

    Lol I think you used the word: “baddie” wrong 😂 I thought you meant that Florian was a baddie (meaning a cool person)


  • Sam 😘

    Sam 😘

    2020-07-08 04:39:28 From Ch. 94

    Novel (but the novel is incomplete the author has stopped his work )


  • JosK


    2020-07-08 04:27:41 From Ch. 94

    reading what you said about the novel hurts my heart! i had such high hopes Erin would finally feel truly loved.... I hope this author goes the opposite way with the manga. it would be so sad to see Erin fall into the darkness.


  • nur athirah mohammad shahid

    nur athirah mohammad shahid

    2020-07-08 03:09:15 From Ch. 94

    where did you read it?


  • 🌙 Hunter

    🌙 Hunter

    2020-07-08 02:35:14 From Ch. 94

    it could be a dress?


  • Dahlia Dahl

    Dahlia Dahl

    2020-07-07 17:41:10 From Ch. 94

    Yeah it’s a little weird they’re still playing the married couple...


  • fan of adorable jk

    fan of adorable jk

    2020-07-07 17:17:04 From Ch. 94

    um it's true but it's way too disgusting to think that the man u once loved has been with her ex even though he's still with u nd accuse her of anything that happens to her current "lover".........so I don't think she'll ever want to sleep with him


  • Kloveschocolate


    2020-07-07 16:00:10 From Ch. 94

    Girl once a man cheats and disrespects the relationship you bet I won’t look at him, talk to him, or give him the time of day. A man who is unfaithful does not deserve my loyalty. What a piece of $hit this guy is🤦🏻‍♀️


  • StrangeHobbies


    2020-07-07 14:52:00 From Ch. 94

    WTH.... 😦...author I'm soo curious to know what will happen next and your ending the series here.. Right now!🥺


  • BL_is_my_Laifu😍


    2020-07-07 14:29:48 From Ch. 71

    heyyy that's bad,just only the mother,the child is clueless about this...


  • barbiedoll


    2020-07-07 13:27:52 From Ch. 94

    no way she Can't bcoz ml is not him...hmmmmm.....hope she end up with that guy i mean blue guy



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