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Romance Phoenix Nirvana
Phoenix Nirvana Phoenix Nirvana
Phoenix Nirvana

Author: Ake

  • To rebirth is to leave past life
  • Uncover the secrets of shoujo's twice lifetime
  • No. 10 Most-praised in Historical list

She reborn twice. In her first lifetime, she could only be the other woman and was not even noticed by him. In the second time, she did anything to get him but finally was killed by him. She still loves him when she rebirth third times. But this time, she chooses to leave him as far as she can... (P.S. The reasons why she could rebirth twice will be revealed in later chapters)


  • Emmmmm...


    2021-04-18 21:20:15 From Ch. 158

    Reference to chapter 11, those damn peach blossom crisps... why are they still served to the empress, she should have said something... haihhh... damn peach blossom crisps! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️


  • Finding ma Lover❤

    Finding ma Lover❤

    2021-04-18 17:45:54 From Ch. 158

    no, she didn't know that his majesty loves her and that's the saddest part. she already learned from her past life.


  • Razliza Raghazli

    Razliza Raghazli

    2021-04-18 17:18:38 From Ch. 155

    in later chapters from the raw, su sifu will be punish with poison drinking at the crime try to hurt the empress. yes, she will try again later n fail miserably. surprisingly, she also had a crime record.


  • Starsaremetaphors


    2021-04-18 16:52:00 From Ch. 155

    I seriously also only have the app for this story and I'm starting to wonder if it's even worth it because of how painfully slow it updates


  • ♠️Kaneki Y♥️

    ♠️Kaneki Y♥️

    2021-04-17 05:02:08 From Ch. 1 Execution

    same dude


  • Karishma🥰canyaman❤️


    2021-04-15 05:50:09 From Ch. 153



  • Makahiya


    2021-04-14 03:55:04 From Ch. 154

    Oh my! Those are all plausible reasons for each life. And so the bottomline is that he has real trust issues. If the authors go by that then all lives operated by that basic reason. It just that Muzhen didn't see that coming or the emperor having sit in his new position was that just desperate to hold onto his position, and wanting to analyze everyone as his useful piece in his reign he then failed to see the sincerity of our heroine. In our third life he has found good reasons, he figured it out but then that was because of experience of living 2 lives already. Muzhen found an outlet to showcase her hidden beauty when she stopped beingbsomeone she's not. It's what she learned from her 2 lives that could be both beneficial and cursed for our Emperor. Geez. ^^


  • Visitor 26484

    Visitor 26484

    2021-04-14 02:42:50 From Ch. 154

    But what really made him fall in love with her was the time he was attacked by a group of assassins at the mountains. If Muzhen was really a power hungry person, it would've been beneficial for her if he's killed. But, she didn't leave him behind. She even protected him and was willing to risk her life to save him. He was really touched that time, because even his mother wasn't willing to protect him. That's why his behavior drastically changed in this life compared to the previous ones.


  • Visitor 26484

    Visitor 26484

    2021-04-14 02:42:46 From Ch. 154

    In the third life, he's back at being suspicious to her once again. But he noticed that her behavior had changed drastically. From being too clingy and bothering him, she became cold and distant. He thought she was planning something, that's why he visits her from time to time to monitor her. However, during those days, he began to see her real talents and skills. Examples are her suggestions about how the laws of land taxation should be fixed, and also when she began to show him her swordsmanship skills during a celebration.


  • Visitor 26484

    Visitor 26484

    2021-04-14 02:41:55 From Ch. 154

    In the second life, she was mean and killed all obstacles that will come between them. Since the emperor doesn't remember the previous life and he still doesn't trust the empress, all her evil doings kind of confirmed his suspicions that she's power hungry. It's partly the reason why he got her family killed, because he doesn't want her to get the power he thinks she's after. But the last words she said to him, the part where she pointed out the pain of love and jealousy, might have bugged him, especially the part when she said "If I get to live another life, I don't want to fall in love with you again." When she committed suicide in the first chapter, he looked shocked. He probably didn't expect her to commit suicide. He probably expected her to spout revenge against him, which she didn't. Whether he realized Muzhen's real feelings or not in the second life, we don't know yet.


  • Visitor 26484

    Visitor 26484

    2021-04-14 02:41:27 From Ch. 154

    What changed his views differs from the 3 different lifetimes: In the first life, he overheard Muzhen talking to Mo about her real feelings. Even in her dying breath, all she could voice out is her love for him. That's when he realized how much she loves him and her intentions for him were pure. When she said she wished he was Prince Ning and not the emperor, he confirmed that she isn't after his power all along. He made double the effort to find a miraculous doctor to make it up to her, but it was too late.


  • Visitor 26484

    Visitor 26484

    2021-04-14 02:40:43 From Ch. 154

    Li Jinxiu has trust issues. I can't blame him. He grew up in a place where he's surrounded by people who are power hungry and always have secret motives. The Situ family (the family Muzhen belongs to) is a powerful family. Her coming from a powerful family makes it hard for him to trust her wholeheartedly. He thought Muzhen is a spy from her family and has secret motives of her own. He thought she's a power hungry woman as well, that's why he's cold and mean towards her.


  • Neds


    2021-04-13 09:47:51 From Ch. 157

    yup like 50 chapters.. i never experience any upspree for this comic


  • (✿^‿^)(◠‿◕)(≧▽≦)


    2021-04-12 17:55:35 From Ch. 2 First Meeting

    yeah me too😣😣😣😣😣


  • (✿^‿^)(◠‿◕)(≧▽≦)


    2021-04-12 17:52:23 From Ch. 1 Execution

    nope...I can't understand this I'm just 12 but I'm scared the part that she killed herself


  • tminogood


    2021-04-12 17:38:06 From Ch. 157

    Upspreeeee upspreee upspreee right into my heart


  • cinder


    2021-04-12 15:00:17 From Ch. 154

    s its her firstlife flashbacks after she dies in her flashback she hears someone calling and seeing bright light in dark space thats when she wakes up in her present life


  • Rima Makino

    Rima Makino

    2021-04-12 12:45:31 From Ch. 157

    Who's he? After all the longgggg update, i mixed up all the characters i have been reading


  • Astarria Draglionz

    Astarria Draglionz

    2021-04-12 10:54:46 From Ch. 157

    Remember when the brother arranged for people to help her escape from the king? And there were those 2 lackeys with her rescuer? One of them was looking around town asking about that “guy in the picture” FL told him that she seems to recognize the man but can’t remember from where, so now she remembers. He’s one of the lackey’s godfather


  • ڈاکٹر مبشرہ ظہور

    ڈاکٹر مبشرہ ظہور

    2021-04-12 10:44:33 From Ch. 157




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