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Tamaoki, Benkyou

Tamaoki, Benkyou

Birth place: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan Current residence: Tokyo, Japan Birth name: Sumi Toshihiko He makes hentai manga. But not "just" the kind of hentai manga that features as much overt sex as possible and little realistic storyline. Tamaoki's stories display a great sense of psychological detail, and usually end in a refreshing way. He says about his work: "I want to create hentai manga that convey a feeling of everyday life." His first collection was Eroi Hon (Erotic-ish Book) in 1995. His manga has been published in many magazines, and also been published in the USA. One of his best known manga is Blood: the Last Vampire. (Source: MU) He also has a solo music project Jarimichi. Twitter: @TamaokiBenkyoo Tumblr: @tamaokibenkyozakki pixiv: #17548743 Blog:

2019-12-09 02:45:09 From: myanimelist

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