Otaku's Offspring - Ch. 11 My Old Daddy?

Otaku's Offspring
Otaku's Offspring

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Someone's parents may be the stars, someone's the riches. What would happen if you parents are otaku? Would they watch anime and share manga with you? Or would they seal all their past and try to be normal parents? *Note* : This manhua ( Chinese manga) may contain some related info about other anime which is noted at every page

154 Chapters

  • Otaku's Offspring
  • Otaku's Offspring
  • Otaku's Offspring
  • Otaku's Offspring
  • Otaku's Offspring
  • Otaku's Offspring
  • Otaku's Offspring
  • Otaku's Offspring
  • Otaku's Offspring
  • Otaku's Offspring


  • Sorayaza Matcha

    Sorayaza Matcha

    2018-02-27 9:52

    the mom cosplayed hatsune miku and the dad was cross-dressing. what a fun family :D

    • Yaoi. is. my. life: I would die to have a fujoshi family like that

    • AlecHexril: I want to be apart of that family so badly. It is the only thing I will want until I die.

    • 17 Replies
  • Patricia Ighekpe

    Patricia Ighekpe

    2018-01-20 2:19

    If only I could have parents like these (♡^♡)

    • Dragoon 27525 (Fort+Worth): hell naw, to da naw naw naw, hell to da naw, to the naw naw naw, aw heeeeelllllllllll naaaaaawwwww

    • shouta 39227 (San+Juan+City): i also want parents like this -_-

    • 18 Replies
  • Kelly Wolfe

    Kelly Wolfe

    2018-02-27 14:13

    I love it!! I wish I could cosplay

    • abyss: if I could cosplay I'd probably cosplay as c2 from code Geass

    • Foziah Mat Zain: me too and I want to cosplay hatsune miku the first

    • 3 Replies
  • Carolina Espana

    Carolina Espana

    2018-02-28 2:20

    I want to be as cool as these parents!

    • Jasmine Delos Santos: “ looks at replies sighs” Breathes in Gasps Looks around Hi, wants to be cool as these parents I’m dad Face palms Leave...

  • Anony Mous

    Anony Mous

    2018-03-01 9:18

    LOL, hatsune miku😂

    • LoliGirlKiki: yes I always notice animes!!😆😂

  • intelligentzombie


    2018-03-22 17:25

    *le gasp*

    • Jasmine Delos Santos: La breathe

    • J.M. H.: *Le hmmm*

  • npc 35419 (Toronto)

    npc 35419 (Toronto)

    2018-03-22 22:52

    I wish my parents were like this ;w;

  • shouta 20492 (Cebu+City)

    shouta 20492 (Cebu+City)

    2018-03-08 18:12

    Haku is in the photo album

    • freaking romance: yeah..in spirited away..

    • freaking romance: yeah..in spirited away..

    • 3 Replies
  • Raphael James

    Raphael James

    2018-03-07 10:47

    Oh, even Senjougahara from the Monogatari Series!

  • abyss


    2018-08-04 13:40

    so under those glasses are beautiful anime girl eyes lol

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