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The God Devourer
The God Devourer

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Beiming lost his right arm and right leg in a car accident, but he didn't lose hope for life. One day, he confronted with a gangster on the road and stood up against them for his childhood sweetheart. Beiming got seriously injured, but when he woke up in the hospital, he saw a ferocious dog monster who just loves acting cool. Beiming then found himself to be able to stand, and possess strong power. Just when he got too happy about it, he didn't realize that a huge crisis was coming for him...

53 Chapters

  • The God Devourer
  • The God Devourer
  • The God Devourer
  • The God Devourer
  • The God Devourer


  • Webcomics_Ginger


    2021-01-14 8:35

    【💰GET 1K FREE COINS💰】Hi guys, another new comic is here😎 How do you like it so far? Whether you like it or not, tell us your thought😊, we will pick 5 LUCKY REPLIES reward 90 coins, and another SUPER LUCKY reply reward 1000 coins💰💰! Wish you guys good luck😊 (valid till Jan. 21th 2021)

    • Webcomics_Ginger: Sry guys I am a bit late😅, but still, congrats to the lucky ones😊👇 Xenocide Mario S...✌🏾 Pochi And Suchi ...

    • Estella: author I wish the next chapter won't have gems 😥

    • 83 Replies
  • ThunderFeathers


    2021-01-14 10:43


  • Visitor 60271

    Visitor 60271

    2021-01-17 17:41

    Sooo exicted!!!!!

  • Visitor 29807

    Visitor 29807

    2021-02-18 11:58

    Sorry Author I miss read it to odor sorry 😔🙏pls forgive me 🙏😢☹️

  • Noyt Agbe

    Noyt Agbe

    2021-02-23 12:50

    i love it already cause

  • The devil love

    The devil love

    2021-03-07 10:30

    emogay nayan te oraora

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