Bleeding love - Ch. 1

Bleeding love
Bleeding love

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One night while walking back home she walk into another realm unknowingly. She was not ready to believe it until she met him. He was the most dangerous, scary and arrogant person she had ever encountered with. What will happen to her in a world she don't belong? Will she ever return to her world?

11 Chapters

  • Bleeding love
  • Bleeding love
  • Bleeding love
  • Bleeding love
  • Bleeding love
  • Bleeding love


  • Can_not_find_me


    2020-11-06 19:55

    the art is great! you draw better than me. something that will make it better is to have clearer panels. it is a little blurry 😀👍

  • CinnamonRoll


    2020-11-06 12:46

    The art look good i wonder what the ml will be like first

    • Catlier: thank you Cinnamon Roll❤

  • Multistan Kookie

    Multistan Kookie

    2020-11-28 21:44

    I have a small problem with this the writing is to small and very hard to read if you could make it bigger I'd like that alot but above all everything else it okay

  • Sporkii


    2021-01-05 23:55

    I love the art style! It's very unique and pretty. Looking forward to see where this story goes! :3

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